Doctor Who Insider #7 was the November 2011 issue of the short-lived North American Doctor Who Magazine sister title. Like many North American magazines, its cover date was misleading. It was actually made available for purchase a month earlier, on 6 October.

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  • Geronimo!
Karen Gillan's career, Elisabeth Sladen's biography, new Third Doctor novel, The Mazes of Time game, new Fourth Doctor audios ...

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An examination of an important moment from one of the Doctor's adventures

  • The Valeyard – The Doctor's ultimate foe, himself (somewhere between his 12th and final incarnation ...

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  • DVD Insider
The Talons of Weng-Chiang (Special Edition) story overview includes a look at the spin-off audio series Jago and Litefoot from Big Finish
  • Audio Insider
The Doomsday Quatrain Seventh Doctor audio adventure includes introduction to the Phalanx of Kro and 'Who was Nostradamus?'
  • Books Insider
Borrowed Time Writer Naomi A. Alderman talks about the new Eleventh Doctor novel and what inspired her ...

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  • Doctor Who at Comic-con – special report from Tony Kenealy

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  • Bessie (a four-seater Edwardian Tourer kit car), was built by a company called Siva/Neville Trickett (Design) Ltd. for the BBC. As a four- seater version it is not technically a roadster and cost £500 (UK) with all its extras.
  • The Whomobile (or 'The Alien' as it was known) was built from scratch by designer Pete Farries as a private commission for Jon Pertwee.
  • In The Talons of Weng-Chiang, the Palace Theatre conductor was played by Doctor Who composer Dudley Simpson.
  • Nostradamus (Michel de Nostredame) was born in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France in December 1503.

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  • This issue had a cover price of $6.99 (US and Canada) with a subscription offering a 10% discount.
  • While printed for a North American market, Panini UK Ltd did offer readers in the UK the chance to subscribe to this title, which was very much seen as a sister title to their long running Doctor Who Magazine title.
  • This issue came with a free double-sided poster featuring the Eleventh Doctor with Winston Churchill cover photograph and the Second Doctor on the reverse.

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