Doctor Who Insider #6 was the October 2011 issue of the short-lived North American Doctor Who Magazine sister title. Like many North American magazines, its cover date was misleading. It was actually made available for purchase a month earlier, on 1 September.

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News Edit

  • Geronimo!
Ratings success, Davros returns to audio CD, Matt Smith to play Bert Bushell in new drama 'Bert and Dickie'

Features Edit

Nexus Point Edit

An examination of an important moment from one of the Doctor's adventures

The Fourth Doctor has the chance to wipe out the Daleks at the beginning.

Data File Edit

  • The First Doctor – guide including overview, companions, the Doctor's Effects and regeneration.

Time Scoop Edit

  • Time Lords – The Doctor's own people were once amongst the most powerful beings in the universe ...

Merchandise Edit

  • DVD Insider
Day of the Daleks story overview includes interview with Valentine Palmer who played rebel leader Monia
  • Audio Insider
The Hounds of Artemis Eleventh Doctor audio adventure
The Eye of the Jungle Eleventh Doctor audio adventure includes interview with Darren Jones (author).
  • Books Insider
Touched by an Angel Writer Jonathan Morris talks about the new Eleventh Doctor novel.
  • Store Insider
Fourth Doctor and Sontaran Style 8” Action Figures (Bif Bang Pow!)
TARDIS Bobble Head (Bif Bang Pow!)
TARDIS Tin Tote (Bif Bang Pow!)
Plush Daleks and TARDIS (Underground Toys)

Fan Zone Edit

  • Scanner Screen (readers photograph feature)
  • The Recreation Generator (fantastic fan creation feature – TARDIS special and BBC AMERICA 'Where's the TARDIS?' competition winners)

Main team credits Edit

Interesting bits from within Edit

  • The BBC annual report 2011 showed 'Doctor Who' to be the corporation's biggest international seller with unprecedented growth in the USA over the previous year, with record ratings on BBC AMERICA, third biggest seller on domestic iTunes TV chart (behind Mad Men and Glee).
  • The Doctor Who brand revenue grew by a reported 49%.

Further information Edit

  • This issue had a cover price of $6.99 (US and Canada) with a subscription offering a 10% discount.
  • While printed for a North American market, Panini UK Ltd offered UK readers the chance to subscribe to this title, which was very much seen as a sister title to their long-running Doctor Who Magazine.
  • This issue came with a free double-sided poster featuring a variant on the Eleventh Doctor and Madame Vastra cover photograph and the First Doctor working at the TARDIS console on the reverse (from this issue's Factfile).

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