Doctor Who Insider #1 was the May 2011 issue of the short-lived North American Doctor Who Magazine sister title. Like many North American magazines, its cover date was misleading. It was actually made available for purchase a month earlier, on 7 April.

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  • Geronimo!
The Eleventh Doctor Returns
Nicholas Coutney 1929-2011

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Nexus Point Edit

An examination of an important moment from one of the Doctor's adventures

  • Pyramids of Mars a glimpse of the devastated world of 1980 if Sutekh isn't stopped in 1911.

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Merchandise Edit

  • DVD Insider
Kinda story overview includes interview with Janet Fielding (Tegan)
Snakedance story overview includes interview with Marc Platt (writer)
  • Audio Insider
The Jade Pyramid Eleventh Doctor audio adventure
The Gemini Contagion Eleventh Doctor audio adventure
  • Books Insider
Dead of Winter Writer James Goss talks about the new Eleventh Doctor novel.
  • Store Insider
Character Option action figure sets (Revelation of the Daleks, Resurrection of the Daleks and The Sontaran Experiment sets)
Ripple Junction T-Shirts

Fan Zone Edit

  • Scanner Screen (readers photograph feature)
  • The Recreation Generator (fantastic fan creation feature)

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Interesting bits from within Edit

  • An exterior model shot of the TARDIS exterior was filmed of the devastated Earth in 1980 – the world of an undefeated Sutekh. But this was unused in the Pyramids of Mars. The clip was included in the DVD release as an extra.
  • Actor Nicholas Courtney worked with nine of the eleven doctors to have played the role on TV (including Paul McGann and David Tennant on audio).
  • In the Buddhist religion (used as the inspiration for Kinda and Snakedance written by Christopher Bailey), Mara is the demon that tried to tempt Buddha, while Deva Loka is the realm where gods exist. Panna means wisdom and Dukkha is suffering. Manussa is the human realm and Tanha means craving.

Further information Edit

  • This issue had a cover price of $6.99 (US and Canada) with a subscription offering a 10% discount.
  • While printed for a North American market, Panini UK Ltd offered readers in the UK the chance to subscribe to this title, which was very much seen as a sister title to their long running Doctor Who Magazine.
  • This issue came with a free double-sided poster featuring the Eleventh Doctor cover photograph and the A Christmas Carol double page Data File photo-montage on the reverse (but without the annotated text)

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