The seventh issue of Doctor Who: Figurine Collection featured a figurine of the Sontaran Staal the Undefeated, as depicted in the television stories The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky.

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How The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky upgraded the classic monster race that had even once invaded the Doctor's home planet.
  • Also, how the new Sontaran costumes were made, and a look at all the Sontarans from the original series.
Moment in Time — Small Fortune
The lengths that the Doctor Who production team went to ensuring their Sontarans were even better, scarier and funnier than ever.
Year by Year1966 (July-December)
It's the end of an era as Doctor Who says goodbye to William Hartnell.
Doctor Who universe — Terrible transformations
Not every mutant is out to kill the Doctor — but it's a good rule of thumb!
The Big Ask — Your Questions Answered
Why don't Sontarans look alike? Just when did the Doctor work at UNIT?
The People Who...Billie Piper
How the actress helped to change the role of the Doctor's companion.

The figurine included with this issue.

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