The sixth issue of Doctor Who: Figurine Collection featured a figurine of the lone Dalek who served as the villain of 2005's Dalek.

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How the famous design of the Dalek was left virtually unchanged from the original 1963 version, but still came back better than ever for the revamped Doctor Who.
  • PLUS: The anatomy of the new Dalek
Moment in Time — Museum Piece
How could one lone Dalek herald the return of the most terrible threat in the Doctor Who universe?
Year by Year1966 (January-June)
One of the most far-reaching decisions is made, ensuring Doctor Who lives on to today!
This handy gadget is never used as a weapons[sic] and it definitely saves the Doctor's bacon on a regular basis!
The Big Ask — Your Questions Answered
When did the dreaded mutations from Skaro learn to fly? We find out!
The People Who...Elisabeth Sladen
How the actress, who first appeared in Doctor Who in 1973, made Sarah Jane Smith into such a legend.

DWFC 6 Last Dalek

The figurine included with this issue.

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