The fifth issue of Doctor Who: Figurine Collection featured a figurine of a Silurian warrior, as depicted in the television story Cold Blood.

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How The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood brought back one of the most memorable "monsters" in the history of Doctor Who.
  • How the look of the 21st-century Silurian built on the designs of the original versions that appeared in the 1970s and 1980s.
Moment in Time — Going Underground
How the production team created a subterranean world on a scale never seen before in Doctor Who.
Year by Year1965 (July-December)
Highlights of the major moments in Doctor Who's impressive history.
Examining the one concept that's helped Doctor Who reach 50 years.
The Big Ask — Your Questions Answered
Are the Silurians evil? Why aren't there any in Earth's future? We find out...
The People Who...William Hartnell
The original Doctor Who set the standard for all others to follow.

DWFC 5 Silurian Warrior

The figurine included with this issue.

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