The fourth issue of Doctor Who: Figurine Collection featured a figurine of a Weeping Angel, as depicted in the television story Flesh and Stone.

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Why the Weeping Angels' return in The Time of Angels was so important to the series, and why your figurine is an Angel in attack mode.
Moment in Time — Angels of Death
How Steven Moffat brought back his hit monster — and took its menace to a whole new terrifying level.
Year by Year1965 (January-June)
Travelling back in time to delve into Doctor Who's glorious past.
Doctor Who universe — History course
Aliens love to play with human history — and the Doctor loves to stop them.
The Big Ask — Your Questions Answered
Why do Weeping Angels look the way they do? We demand to know!
The People Who...Russell T Davies
Meet the man who brought Doctor Who back to the world!

The figurine included with this issue.

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