The third issue of Doctor Who: Figurine Collection featured a figurine of the Cybus Cyber-Controller, as depicted in the television story The Age of Steel.

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Why the Cyber Controller is shown as he meets with disaster, and how The Age of Steel restored a classic enemy to true greatness.
  • PLUS: How the Doctor Who team re-imagined the dead Controller.
Moment in Time — Keeping control
How the insight of Russell T Davies gave a classic foe a new, up-to-date relevance — and a cool upgrade.
Year by Year1964 (July-December)
The key developments of this thrilling year — and a real Dalek invasion.
Exploring the dark side of this incredibly powerful race.
The Big Ask — Your Questions Answered
Why do Cybermen chase people so slowly? And can John Lumic blink?
The People Who...Douglas Adams
How a great wit changed the style of the show in the late 1970s.


The figurine included with this issue.

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