The seventy-fifth issue of the Doctor Who DVD Files - "The Ultimate Build-up Doctor Who Encyclopaedia" had a cover date of 16 November 2011.

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Collectable loose leaf pages divided into 7 categories that could be filed accordingly.

Doctor Ryder
The Ood owe their freedom to this brave double agent.
The Silence
Meet the monsters behind the Apollo 11 space missions ...
Redesgn of the Daleks
Read an exclusive interview with concept artist Peter McKinstry
Discover the secrets of a creepy 22nd century invention
Victory of the Daleks
The Daleks are back – bigger and bolder than ever before!
The Time of Angels
The Eleventh Doctor answers a cry for help from River Song.
Visit the desolate, storm-lashed home of Morbius.
Krop Tor
Dare you set foot on the planet of the Beast?
Awakening Evil (1968 – July 11th 1979)
In 1969 humanity decided to go to the Moon. Or did it?

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Each issue came with a DVD release.
Reversible DVD sleeves enabled the collector to display one of two designs featuring either the Doctor and his enemies or his companions.
"I am your soldier!"
The Doctor takes Amy Pond for her first trip into Earth's history – and an encounter with Winston Churchill! The Prime Minister is concerned that his latest weapon in the war against the Nazis is too good to be true. The Doctor can't help but agree when Churchill unveils the sinister Ironsides ...
"What do you know of the Weeping Angels?"
The Starship Byzantium crash lands on Alfava Metraxis and its deadly cargo escapes into one of the planet's labyrinthine ruins. A crack squad of soldier-clerics arrives on the scene to take control, but do they know what they are dealing with? Can even the Doctor, Amy and River Song escape from the Maze of the Dead?

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