The sixty-sixth issue of the Doctor Who DVD Files - "The Ultimate Build-up Doctor Who Encyclopaedia" had a cover date of 13 July 2011.

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Collectable loose leaf pages divided into seven categories that could be filed accordingly.

John Smith
Take a look at the Doctor's human side ...
Introducing the Victorian woman who faced the Cybermen.
Meet the Daleks who make a mean cuppa!
Look behind the masks of the Robot Santas who terrorised Earth.
Seventh Heaven
Read our exclusive interview with Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy.
Take a peek under the metal skin of the Cybermen entombed on Telos
The Sea Devils
The Master teams up with some ancient Earthlings.
Visit the planet inhabited by a variety of giant insects!
Time of War
The era of big dresses and big threats to Earth!

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Each issue came with a DVD release.
Reversible DVD sleeves enabled the collector to display one of two designs featuring either the Doctor and his enemies or his companions.
"Why start a long and bloody war when thousands will be killed on both sides?"
The Doctor and UNIT discover that Silurians were not the only prehistoric reptile men to have survived into the 20th century. Deep beneath the Earth's surface, in the dark waters off England's South Coast, creatures known as Sea Devils have woken up and are hatching a plan to reclaim the planet. Can the Royal Navy withstand such an attack? How can the Master be involved if he is a prisoner of UNIT? And will the Doctor be able to find a peaceful solution to the latest war for Earth?

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  • The incidental music used in The Sea Devils was the first to use the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Malcolm Clarke's composition using a Delaware PCS-3 (a very early synthesiser) was pioneering a new type of music.
  • Unlike the Cybus Cybermen, our universe's Cybermen retain a larger organic component.

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