The thirty-ninth issue of the Doctor Who DVD Files - "The Ultimate Build-up Doctor Who Encyclopaedia" had a cover date of 30 June 2010.

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Collectable loose leaf pages divided into seven categories that could be filed accordingly.

Part 39 Angels and Demons Ace's adventures with the Seventh Doctor get a lot darker...
Wilfred Mott The Tenth Doctor's final companion was Donna's granddad!
Nyssa Meet the noblest of the Fifth Doctor's companions.
Haemovores These hideous vampires rose from the freezing sea.
The Flood Learn all about these horrific creatures from the Red Planet (fold-out)
Write Again! The second part of our interview with writer Terrance Dicks.
Man Overboard! What is an Edwardian sailing yacht doing in space?
Chameleon Arch Read about this fearsome Gallifreyan gene-rewriting device...
The Curse of Fenric The Seventh Doctor faces an evil from the dawn of time...

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Each issue came with a DVD release.
Reversible DVD sleeves enabled the collector to display one of two designs featuring either the Doctor and his enemies or his companions.
"Let the chains of Fenric shatter!"
Northumbria, 1943. The TARDIS arrives at a secret Royal Navy base on the coast just as events take a turn for the seriously sinister. A Soviet death squad is closing in on its target. Blood-sucking monsters are rising from the bay and moving stealthily through the fog. And deep in the crypt of St Jude's Church an ancient Viking curse is coming to life. As the Doctor and his old enemy Fenric prepare to play the final contest in a centuries-long game of chess, Ace realises that her Time Lord mentor has been lying to her all along...

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  • Wilfred Mott's character was originally called Stan.
  • Nyssa was originally only meant to appear in one story but at the last moment was written into further stories as an ongoing companion.
  • The money for a Target novelisation was split 50/50 with the original writer, and Terrance Dicks recalls writing each usually over a month.
  • Enlightenment is still the only Doctor Who story to be written and directed by women.
  • Eternals do not blink.
  • At the end of part two of Enlightenment, the Doctor shouts "No!" as Turlough jumps but in the part three reprise he calls out, "Don't be an idiot" instead!
  • In an uncut line from The Waters of Mars the Doctor wonders if the Ice Warriors left the red planet because they were unable to the stop the Flood.

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