The Doctor Who DVD Files –“The Ultimate Build-up Doctor Who Encyclopaedia” in fortnightly issues.

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Collectable loose leaf pages divided into nine categories that could be filed accordingly.

Meet the platoon stationed on Hedgewick's World of Wonders
Time Zombies
These Horrors roamed the corridors of the TARDIS
The tyrant of Svartos had ice running through his veins.
The Old God of Akhaten woke up starving ...
Miss Wormwood
Who did this steely businesswoman really work for?
Richard E Grant
Discover what links this iconic actor to Doctor Who.
Eighth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver
Check out the inner workings of this Gallifreyan tech.
Hide and Seek!
The Doctor is stalked by the Crooked Man
The War Games
The Doctor discovers an alien plot to build the ultimate army.

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Each issue came with a DVD release.
Reversible DVD sleeves enabled the collector to display one of two designs featuring either the Doctor and his enemies or his companions.
"It is a fact, Jamie, that I do get involved with things! ...” "
The TARDIS arrives on a planet where soldiers from a number of different wars in Earth's history have been brought together to fight by a race known only as the Aliens. A renegade Time Lord calling himself the War Chief has provided these warmongers with SIDRAT's, vessels that can travel anywhere in time and space. Can the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe return the soldiers to their homes – or will they be killed in the war games?

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  • Project Manager: not credited this issue
  • Group Editor: not credited this issue
  • Editor: Kieran Grant
  • Art Editor: Pete Byrne
  • Designer: not credited this issue
  • Sub-Editor: Catherine Anderson
  • Contributing Writers: not credited this issue
  • Illustrators: none credited this issue

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