The twenty-third issue of Doctor Who Classic Comics had a cover date of 17 August 1994.

Contents Edit

Articles Edit

  • 'Frame Count: Doctor Who Magazine Back-Up Strips' by John Ainsworth
  • 'Behind the Frame: Marvel's Back-Up Comic Strips' by John Ainsworth
  • 'VWORP! VWORP!' by John Ainsworth
The Celluloid MidasThe Planet of the Daleks

Comic Strip Reprints Edit

Lizardworld (TV Comic issues 716-719)
The Threat from Beneath (TV Action issue 112)
The Stockbridge Horror (Part 3) (DWM issues 74-75)
The Return of the Daleks (Part 1) (DWM issues 1-2)

Telesnap Archive Edit

Credits Edit

Editor: Gary Russell
Assistant Editor: Marcus Hearn
Designer: Gary Gilbert
Consultants: John Ainsworth, David Auger, Richard Landon, Stephen J. Walker and Andrew Pixley
Production: Julie Pickering and Mark Irvine

Additional details Edit

  • The cover artwork featured on this issue was by Colin Howard.
  • All the comic strips reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics were digitally cleaned up and reproduced as they were originally published, complete with captioning appropriate to the original source. The only changes made to the comic strips were that many were presented in full colour for the first time.
  • Comic historian John Ainsworth provided articles throughout Doctor Who Classic Comics, covering in unprecedented detail the history and a guide to the Doctor's comic strip adventures which regularly appeared in a number of linked TV Comic titles prior to the launch of the Doctor Who Magazine title.
  • Telesnaps are a series of photographs taken from the original television transmissions. In many cases, they provided the only surviving visual record of early B&W episodes, commonly referred to as the missing episodes.
  • Marcus Hearn provides the commentary notes for this feature which alternates with episodes appearing in Doctor Who Classic Comics' sister publication Doctor Who Magazine.
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