The second issue of Doctor Who Classic Comics had a cover date of 6 January 1993.

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(Featuring an interview with Countdown editor Dennis Hooper)

Comic strip Reprints Edit

The Klepton Parasites (TV Comic issues 674-683)
The Vogan Slaves Part 2 (Countdown issues 19-22)
The Amaryll Challenge Parts 5-7 (TV Century 21 issues 22-24)
The Penta Ray Factor Parts 1-4 (TV Century 21 issues 25-28)

Free Giant Poster Edit

  • Photo-shot introducing the Third Doctor with enemies. (see inset cover photo)

Pull Out Poster Edit

An image from a shoot by Steve Cook taken during filming of Doctor Who: The Curse of Fenric

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Additional details Edit

  • The cover artwork featured on this issue was by Colin Howard.
  • All the comic strips reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics were digitally cleaned up and reproduced as they were originally published, complete with captioning appropriate to the original source. The only changes made to the comic strips were that many were presented in full colour for the first time.
  • John Ainsworth provided articles throughout Doctor Who Classic Comics, covering in unprecedented detail the history and a guide to the Doctor's comic strip adventures which appeared in a number of linked TV Comic titles prior to the launch of the regular Doctor Who Magazine title.
  • The Klepton Parasites was the first First Doctor comic strip story and introduced John and Gillian as his grandchildren.
  • The Vogan Slaves reproduces a half page-length introduction to the Brigadier.
  • In the editorial pages Gary made a request for the only missing comic strip story not held for reproduction, from the 1966 TV Comic Holiday Special.
  • This issue did not feature a letters page but a 'Communications' page, a one page advert for next issue and DWM 195.
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