Comic stories were present in every issue of Battles in Time. They featured the Tenth Doctor in four-page, individually-titled strips. The Doctor was sometimes accompanied in his travels by companions from the TV series, namely, Rose, Martha and Donna. In fact, DWBIT 43 had the distinction of featuring the global comics debut of Donna, because it hit the news stands slightly in advance of her Doctor Who Magazine premiere.

Nevertheless, the Doctor was adventuring on his own for about a third of the series. Because it posits a number of stories between Rose's departure and Martha Jones' arrival, and again between Journey's End and Planet of the Dead, it suggests that the gap between the Tenth Doctor's companions was relatively large. Overall, the Battles in Time strip suggests that the Tenth Doctor may have been without a companion as much as he was with one.

Almost all pencils and inks were handled on the series by Lee Sullivan.

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