The Daleks vs Cybermen Special was the first of four Battles in Time specials published by GE Fabbri Ltd. It focused on the the Doctor's two greatest enemies, the Daleks and the Cybermen. As a flip-book, it had two covers, Daleks on one side, Cybermen on the other.

Unlike following special issues, this one did not introduce a new range of trading cards.

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Terror in the Streets! (from the online blog of V J Ellison)
Shown is the Cybermen and Dalek conflict being fought on the once calm streets of Southwark in London some months after the appearance of the ghosts that later turned out to be metal men before the arrival of more metal invaders in the shape of dustbins with eye stalks. As carnage filled the streets people were unsure of the future.

Fold-out centre-page Daleks vs Cybermen dice game.

  • FAQ: Cybermen
  • Cybermen Timeline
  • Top Ten Best Cyberman Moments!
  • Dalek/Cyber Wars (Search and Find):
Small Victories (from An Unimaginable War by Professor J B Shilling)
Shown is one of the lesser reported battles between the Cybermen and the Daleks. In an alleyway in Aberdeen the Cybermen change their tactics in their attack luring the Daleks into an ambush with a lone Cyberman. The Cyber victory was short lived as other Daleks soon responded. It was soon after the metal invaders were swept away into the skies. There was no official explanation offered as to how or why.

Additional notes Edit

Priced £5.99 (UK) this card-mounted special edition also came with;

  • Packet of Shiny Cyberman cards
  • Packet of shiny Dalek cards
  • Card bases and dice for your battle game
  • TARDIS deck tin to hold your cards

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