Dalek Wars BIT 007 Daleks vs Dinos

An illustration featured in DWBIT 7.

The magazine Doctor Who: Battles in Time regularly featured two-page spreads depicting various Dalek conflicts. Each conflict was accompanied by "source" text and a search-and-find activity.

DWBIT 1 Edit

Invasion Earth: 2164 Edit

Shown is the land and air battle at Westminster, London, during the early days of the Daleks' Invasion of Earth. The Dalek plan was to remove the planet's core and turn the planet into a giant spacecraft. They used radio-controlled human converts called Robomen to help oversee and control the rebel population.

DWBIT 3 Edit

The Battle for the Planet Mechanus Edit

Shown is the battle inside the city of Mechanus. The Daleks (chasing the First Doctor through time and space) meet their equal in the heavily armoured Mechanoids, who ultimately destroy each other, allowing the Doctor to escape.

DWBIT 5 Edit

Battle of Armagedos (from the diary of Captain R'ar'Han'e) Edit

Shown is the space battle above the planet Armagedos, a suicidal attempt at a distraction to allow transport ships from the planet to take survivors clear of the Dalek invading forces. By reversing the polarity of the cannon's neutron flow, the colonists were able to break through the Dalek shield, escape the planet through hyperspace and regroup.

DWBIT 7 Edit

The Battle for Raxas (from Daleks: A History by Dr. Cornelius Filkins) Edit

Shown is the land and air battle on the planet Raxas where the Daleks underestimated the resistance offered by the native "unintelligent" earth-like dinosaurs on the resources rich planet of Raxas. The Dalek mines were never entirely secure and required an ongoing Dalek presence.

DWBIT 9 Edit

The Battle for Philjax III, 9000 AD (From Daleks: A History by Dr. Cornelius Filkins) Edit

Shown is the underwater battle between the Squeeth (giant octopus-like creatures) and the Daleks on the waterworld of Philjax III. The Daleks hunted and crushed the Squeeth until they were finally able to capture and extract the paralysing venom in their suckers. They used it to enslave others on other worlds.

DWBIT 11 Edit

Bermuda Triangle Incident (From Journal of Flight Commander Benjamin K. Hooper) Edit

Shown is the 1958 American air conflict with the Daleks which followed their last received broadcast from the Bermuda Triangle. The broadcast, like others (following disappearances since the 1490s), tell of a ripple-like effect, loss of navigational controls and attacks by metal creatures rising from an island with a rusting alien craft.

DWBIT 13 Edit

Clash of the Titans! (From the Daily Story, summer 2006) Edit

Shown is the Dalek and Cyberman conflict at Tower Bridge, London, Earth. After getting used to the "friendly ghosts", the people of Earth watched as they had become more solid and, as Cybermen, demanded a total surrender. While the Cybermen took control of the streets, the Daleks arrived from the air and battle between the two invading forces ensued until, as suddenly as they arrived, they were both sucked from the skies. Some reports suggest activity concentrated around Docklands in the east end of London but there has been no official confirmation.

DWBIT 15 Edit

Creation of the Daleks (From The history of the Thals by Dr. M Christopholos) Edit

Shown is the Dalek army attacking the Kaled dome now occupied by the Kaleds' enemies, the Thals. Following a thousand year war which had seen the Kaled form genetically accelerated by their top scientist Davros, the new genetic mutation (housed in an armoured shell of a Mark Three Travel Machine) were the first Dalek conquerors. Davros betrayed his own people in order to ensure the survival of the Daleks, his creation!

DWBIT 17 Edit

Battle for Pultonia 7 (From A Planet Under Threat by Efrosini Skatesis) Edit

Shown is the Daleks' first attempted invasion of the planet Pultonia 7 in the 43rd century. A planet rich in minerals the Daleks had planned to enslave the native giant wasps and praying mantis, but had underestimated the armoured exoskeletons of these giant insects and the carnivorous plants of the planet. By comparison, this time it was the Daleks that were being squashed like insects. Although defeated, a further, stronger attack on the planet is anticipated.

DWBIT 19 Edit

Pirates From the Sky! (From Seafaring Myths and Legends by W J Rowing) Edit

Shown is the reported battle of the sea that led to the sinking of the legendary pirate fleet (led by Jack Lawrence) in late September 1697. The few survivors that washed ashore were regarded as mad with their tales of metal "demons", personal cannons that fired blue flames and cries of what sounded like the word "exterminate".

DWBIT 21 Edit

Sea Bed Struggle (From The Problems of Colonisation by M J Barzey) Edit

Shown is the Dalek underwater assault on the human colonists on Cadoni 4, in the Stanzari system, 3682 AD. After a successful and harmonious settlement some fifteen years earlier (despite the planet's nine month a year extreme weather pattern), the colonists were no match for the Dalek assault which started in the Kaye Ocean and ended with no survivors.

DWBIT 23 Edit

Exterminated Pests (From Dalek Victories by Robert Keyte) Edit

Shown is the Dalek army assault and conquest of their sixth planet in the Hanro system, Dirimion 7. The dominant life form, the Nidilla, were giant spiders living in the mountains that dominated the northern land masses, who in spite of being able to weave webs of up to 20 metres across were unable to withstand Dalek fire power.

DWBIT 25 Edit

Floating Fortress (From Wars at the Ends of the Worlds by R K Datoo) Edit

Shown is the Daleks' concentrated attack on the central control station on the human settlement world of Graelliscy, in early 4826, 45th century. The cities' which were like floating islands in the skies and designed to take advantage of the planet's seasonally changing gravity, were no match for the Daleks when the central control station was destroyed along with the defensive shields. Within days the Daleks had won and human life exterminated.

DWBIT 27 Edit

Prehistoric Peril (from Ancient Worlds by P M Stalley) Edit

Shown is the Dalek battle on Senkus Sha, in both the skies and the sea where even the more aggressive, prehistoric native species in the south were wiped out by the Daleks' desire to dominate this planet in order to launch out and conquer other nearby planets. Even working together against the invaders, the Empetniks (huge sea creatures similar to sharks) and the flying Perrincott (pterodactyl-like birds) were no match for the Dalek force.

DWBIT 29 Edit

A Crushing Defeat (from An Alien History of War by O M Burdett) Edit

Shown is the battle on Rianken (third of the fourth molten planets of the Mejas system). The Daleks were determined to lay claim to the strong metal alloys developed over the 300 years by the human colonists. The toughened metals, able to withstand the planet's high temperatures and used to build tanks for movement and defence of their stockpiled metals that the Daleks wanted, provided some defence against the Daleks. The Daleks suffered heavy losses but eventually won following a sustained aerial bombardment on the tanks.

DWBIT 31 Edit

Wings of Terror (from Great Air Battles of the 59th Century by A Weston) Edit

Shown is one of the air battles on Megana-Eros (5874), a world where the Daleks had built a breeding city for a population of ten billion Dalek embryos. When the Ornikronon (a legendary race of gigantic, eagle-like birds) returned to their homeworld from the other side of the universe, the 100 strong Dalek guards were no match for them. Had it not been for a nearby Dalek battle cruiser the Daleks would surely have been defeated. As it was, the Dalek cruiser laid waste to the planet with its dark-matter cannon – both the Ornikronon and the Dalek embryos were massacred.

DWBIT 33 Edit

Prison Break! (from Dalek Victories, Human Errors by Maxx Fo) Edit

Shown is the secret human prison ship 'Space Station X-R' home to the most evil criminals and the only Dalek Supreme captured by the humans. Three hundred years into the Dalek-Human War a huge prison ship was located in orbit around the planet Nowhere, tucked into an anti-matter reef between the Blore Wilderness and the Gulf of Null. It was believed to be secure by the humans but a successful rescue attempt by the Daleks from their base on the planet Kembel freed the Dalek Supreme, led to the humans being wiped out and the brain patterns of the most evil human minds (including Ook "Star Burner" Rowann and Petra Dank, Black Widow of Cep Zoltha) used by the Daleks in their battle computers.

DWBIT 35 Edit

Daleks vs Daleks! (from The End of the Daleks by Dokktor Whit-Arkker) Edit

Shown is a scene from the Daleks' civil war on Skaro around the time of the Seventh Dalek Armada's defeat at the battle of Gurnian. The Emperor Dalek was guarded by his army of Black Daleks who defended him against Daleks 'infected' by the human Factor. The original Dalek plan was to travel back in time (using the TARDIS of a runaway Time Lord) and "infect" humanity with the Dalek Factor. Instead an army of Daleks infected with the Human Factor turned on their own Emperor and a civil war broke out that destroyed all the Daleks, including the Emperor, although there are those that said the Emperor survived.

DWBIT 37 Edit

Bats out of Hell (from At the Mouth of Madness by Lawty Van Zorn) Edit

Shown is the Daleks' doomed attempt to travel the wormhole known as the Hellmouth which lies far beyond the Great Astral Fogstorm of Orlock's Spiral. The wormhole was believed to lead to Nosfera II, home of the ancient Vampire Gods and their Vampire Weapon-Worlds. Guarded by the Chiroptera (gigantic, blood-thirsty bat-like creatures, with leathery wings, fangs and eyes capable of emitting devastating psionic energy beams), the Daleks were no match for these predators and were consumed, their ships reduced to ashes.

DWBIT 39 Edit

Dalek War: The Big Freeze! (from Ice Cold on Alyx by Capt. Jacobean Cahill) Edit

Shown is the Dalek assault in June 2614 on Alyx Pol-13, a ball of permafrost on the fringes of the Dak-Snoom Ice Belt. There was only one survivor from the invasion of Snowbase Alpha, none from the assault on Snowbase Beta. The Daleks soon established a deep freeze collection of alien monsters which were later used in the Great War of the Rim Empires.

DWBIT 41 Edit

The Sagarro Desert Storm (from Dalek: Destroyer of Worlds by Takz Intaaki) Edit

Shown is the Daleks' vengeful return to the planet Aridius, once a water-world now a desert planet because of a stellar incident some 1000 years earlier which shifted its position in relation to its twin suns. Aridius was a reminder of the Daleks' long-since failed attempt to capture their legendary enemy the Doctor. The native Mire Beasts were disturbed when the Daleks (under orders from the Dalek Supreme) arrived using their gravity weapons to wipe out all life forms on the planet. Even the king of the Mire Beasts (the Mire Colossus) was unable to survive such a vicious attack. With the Mire Beasts destroyed the peace-loving Aridians were all very quickly exterminated.

DWBIT 43 Edit

Quarantine Alert! (from a Scout Dalek Saucer 432/948/2 transmission) Edit

Shown is the Daleks under attack by swarming insects encountered in Dalek outpost sector gamma/red/delta.23 when twin scouting crafts, on entering a subspace rupture suffered power loss and crashed on a nearby moon. On landing the Daleks communications were first to be disrupted before the flesh-eating bugs that were resistant to Dalek fire-power began to break into the Daleks' casings and consume them. Dalek self-destruct was initiated.

DWBIT 45 Edit

The Temple of Haskavarr (from The Rise of the Daleks by Exissa Canoomidid) Edit

Shown is the battle of the giant rock creatures at the Temple of Haskavarr, on the planet of Haskavarr in the Canis Major Dwarf galaxy in early 4203 AD. Following the loss of contact with a scout party of Daleks a probe sent back disturbing images of Daleks under attack. A battleship was ordered to take orbit and concentrated firepower on the rock creatures which heated and cracked. Dalek fire power was supreme.

DWBIT 47 Edit

Roots of Evil (from Dalek: Extinction Level Event by Hexa An'Laffodi) Edit

Shown is the Dalek invasion of the strategic planet of Querkus during the time of the Second Dalek Empire. Rich in resources, the planet's dominant life form, giant killer trees, had previously prevented the planet being colonised by humans. In spite of early loses the Daleks were more aggressive and ultimately resorted to a cobalt bomb attack on the planet which wiped out all life forms. From the dead planet the Daleks soon established factories from which to launch millions more Daleks.

DWBIT 49 Edit

The Dalek Invasion of Mars (From The Battle of Jacksonville by Rachini Tong) Edit

Shown is the Dalek assault on Mars' first colony Jacksonville, Mars. The subspace blockage set up by the Daleks prior to their assault on Earth effectively isolated the colonists from their homeworld. Once the Earth conquest was under way Dalek attention turned to Mars. But the colonists, helped by the indigenous Ice Warriors, won against Dalek attack with a virus that ate Dalek cable insulation.

DWBIT 51 Edit

The Ryukyu Isles Mystery (From the diary of Professor JTP Kaslinsky) Edit

Shown is the conflict on Earth some 70 million years ago and highlighted by a dig at a prehistoric site (on Okinawa Island). The dig was taken over by UNIT upon discovery of metal casings that had been ripped apart. UNIT information reveals the metal belonged to Daleks who had accidentally fallen through time and weakened their defensive abilities.

DWBIT 53 Edit

The Nightmare Creature (From the report of General SJ Jackson IV) Edit

Following the recovery of an unknown, casing-damaged, Dalek 'creature' from a crash site near a military base, the sudden arrival of an alien mothership with "awesome" weaponry. The military were useless, casualties in the conflict were high until the captured creature floated off to rejoin the mother ship which disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

DWBIT 55 Edit

The Match of the Daleks report compiled by Zorchin Azzoppadin Edit

During the Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire, the Spindroids were created to mine and protect the radioactive planet JT227 and its reserves of Promethium 62. With the Promethium 62 which was used to break Dalek forcefields, the Humans were able to force the Daleks to retreat from star system after star system. The last battle of the Third Dalek War took place above the planet on its 200 orbiting satellites. The Daleks were no match for the Spindroids which blasted and sliced through the Dalek casings.

DWBIT 57 Edit

The Worms That Turned! by Professor Jonah Effrid Edit

Having found a source on the planet Uraka of molybdenum (a tough metal used to build their saucer ships), the Daleks began to mine the planet only to be beaten by the huge Urakan Worms who had evolved with the molybdenum and become resistant to attack. The Daleks did not take defeat lightly and were responsible for the planet going supernova after its sun was shifted. The Daleks then proceeded to wipe out everything in that solar system.

DWBIT 59 Edit

The Battle of the Valiant from the memoirs of General Kerim Jendrassik Edit

When the Daleks began their attack on the Earth, (prior to moving the planet across the Universe), the Valiant under UNIT command began its defence of the planet. It was specifically targeted by the Daleks and sustained heavy damage. When it was forced over heavily populated areas, the decision was taken to land on empty farmland thereby avoiding a further loss of life, but the battle continued...

Doctor Who: Battles in Time Daleks vs Cybermen Special Edit

Terror in the Streets! (from the online blog of V J Ellison) Edit

Shown is the Cybermen and Dalek conflict being fought on the once calm streets of Southwark in London some months after the appearance of the ghosts that later turned out to be metal men before the arrival of more metal invaders in the shape of dustbins with eye stalks. As carnage filled the streets people were unsure of the future.

Small Victories (from An Unimaginable War by Professor J B Shilling) Edit

Shown is one of the lesser reported battles between the Cybermen and the Daleks. In an alleyway in Aberdeen the Cybermen change their tactics in their attack luring the Daleks into an ambush with a lone Cyberman. The Cyber victory was short lived as other Daleks soon responded. It was soon after the metal invaders were swept away into the skies. There was no official explanation offered as to how or why.

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