The sixty-seventh issue of Doctor Who Battles in Time was released on 1 April 2009. It was edited by Claire Lister.

Contents Edit

  • Gameplay: no new gameplay, but a Deck Doctor bonus card feature and puzzles.
  • Card Clash: Reaper Group (196) beats Weeping Angel group (725)
  • FAQ Episode Guide: Who is ... The Seventh Doctor?
  • Monster Foldout: The Trickster Time-Twisting Terror! (likely because it came out on April Fools' Day)
  • Comic Strip: The Guardians of Terror
  • Behind the Scenes: Interview with Helen Raynor Script Editor and Writer
  • Brain Buster Puzzles
  • Personality Test: What sort of angry person are you like?

Additional notes Edit

  • Subscribers usually received a special pack of cards marked "not for resale" and containing 12 cards. As the title is winding down subscribers, who receive two issues mailed out in a bag at one time, received two normal retail packs of nine cards each (one Devastator and one Ultimate Monsters pack).

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