The twenty-seventh issue of Doctor Who Battles in Time was released on 19 September 2007. It was edited by Claire Lister.

Contents Edit

  • Gameplay: Ghost Gamblers!
  • Card Clash: William Shakespeare (419) loses to Face of Boe (383)
  • FAQ Episode Guide: 26 Army of Ghosts
  • Monster Foldout: Lazarus Genetic Mutation!
  • Comic Strip: Second Wave
  • Behind the Scenes:
  • Brain Buster Puzzles
  • Personality Test:
  • Dalek Wars (Search and Find): Prehistoric Peril (from Ancient Worlds by P M Stalley)
    • Shown is the Dalek battle on Senkus Sha, in both the skies and the sea where even the more aggressive, prehistoric native species in the south were wiped out by the Daleks' desire to dominate this planet in order to launch out and conquer other nearby planets. Even working together against the invaders, the Empetnicks (huge sea creatures similar to sharks) and the flying Perrincott (pterodactyl-like birds) were no match for the Dalek force.

Additional notes Edit

  • This issue was released with a pack of Invader trading cards.

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