The forty-fourth issue of Doctor Who Adventures had a cover date of 6 December - 12 December 2007.

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  • A card mounted set including 2 pin badges (TARDIS and Dalek), Toclafane themed mini maze, and small set of holographic stickers.

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  • Welcome (including latest news/ preview teaser)
  • Who News (The Vortex)
Humour: Things to do with a defeated enemy take a Werewolf to dog training classes along with K9! (by Christopher Cooper)
Find in this issue hidden somewhere the Graske to win a Doctor Who Go Glow night light torch!
  • Monster Gallery / Time Agent Upload
featuring reader's letters, photos, and art.
  • Puzzle Pages
  • Quiz: The Racnoss
  • Who Knows (Questions and Answers)
  • Competition Goodies: Doctor Who Collected Stories Set, Pirateology board game and a PS2 with Mr Bean goodies

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Also listing: where they would go, past or future?

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  • This magazine can be recycled: "or the Toclafane will be after you!"
  • Jackie Tyler: "Oh, don't mind me love, I'm just filling in for Frau Clovis while she waits in for the gas man. I'll take your entries."
  • The silently moving Robot Santas hire themselves out to the highest bidder.
  • A poll carried out by CBBC Newsround / The Children's Society voted 1 in 4 for David Tenant as a famous person who would make a good teacher.
  • The Werewolf is really a lupine-wavelenth-haemoviform.
  • Totally Doctor Who presenter Barney Harwood did the posh control voice used in The Infinite Quest.
  • Doctor Who was first broadcast on Christmas Day in 1965.
  • The original Cybermen came from the Earth's twin planet, Mondas.
  • The Judoon have a "great big lung reserve".

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  • This issue's comic strip features the first monster to return: the Klytode that featured in the comic strip The Snag Finders (DWA 26 and DWA 27).
  • Published every two weeks on a Thursday, this issue had a cover price of £2.10 (UK).
  • The subscription offer for this issue was a saving of over £9 (UK). No other incentive is offered.
  • This issue's free gift was not bagged with the set selotaped to the cover.
  • Next issue is a bumper forty-eight pages (available in two covers), priced at £2.99 (UK) and free gifts include two monster face marks, TARDIS key ring, pencil and pencil topper, holographic stickers and a cool 2008 calendar.

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