The fourth issue of the Doctor Who Adventures had a cover date of 17 May - 30 May 2006.

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  • A Pocket Radio (or TARDIS wall clock if you picked up a copy in Tesco's Supermarket)

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Top five scariest Dalek exterminations!

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  • Welcome (including latest news/ preview teaser)
  • Who's News
Preview for The Age of Steel
Preview for The Idiot's Lantern
Find in this issue hidden somewhere Cyber handles to win a Doctor Who TARDIS clock!
  • TARDIS Inbox
Featuring readers letters, photos, artwork
  • Make It
Cut out and make Cyberman Mask
  • Puzzle Pages / Fun stuff
Humour: 'Things to do with a defeated enemy (4)' Use a Cyberman's head as a teapot by (Christopher Cooper)
  • Competition Goodies: Sonic X Toys, March of the Penguin DVD and goodie bags, Like Mike sets and Football Crazy sets.
  • Readers Survey

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Hidden Away / Facts Edit

  • This magazine can be recycled: OR YOU WILL BE DELETED!
  • Frau Clovis: "The Duke of Manhattan is NOT responsible for misspelled keywords!"
  • Actor Paul Kasey has played the part of a Cyberman, an Auton, a tree from Cheem and Zu-Zana.
  • John Leeson, who voices K9, does so with only his own voice and a microphone.
  • In School Reunion, Mickey Smith was to pick up K9 and run, but the K9 prop proved to be too heavy and the scene was rewritten.

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  • Published every two weeks on a Thursday, this issue had a cover price of £1.99 (UK).
  • The subscription offer for this issue was a saving of over £6 (UK). No other incentive was offered.
  • This issue's Make it Cyberman mask featured the black handled mask denoting the Cyber Leader, but no special mention is made.
  • This issue's free gift was selotaped to the cover.
  • Next issue's free gift is named as a TARDIS Log book.

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