Doctor Who Adventures #328 was the issue of the magazine for the fortnight beginning 28 August 2013.

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  • Notebook and pencil with spinning TARDIS topper

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  • 50 Monster Facts
  • WHONIVERSE COLLECTION (cut-out and collectible mini-mag): The Sixth Doctor (1 of 1)

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  • Contents (including letter from the Doctor, readers' best bits and Monster Watch - inside this issue somewhere)
  • Who News
  • Puzzles (including a Dalek Maze)
  • Fun Pages
  • Humour
  • Where's the Doctor? (two page search and find)
  • Readers' Letters Questions to the Doctor!
  • Competition Goodies: LEGO Star Wars, Turtles Shellraiser sets and Union Jack Dalekand Doctor Who DVD board game
  • You Who! featuring readers' letters, photos, and art.
  • A Superfan Competition is launched for under 13s with a top prize of a Cyberman visiting the winners school and a set of family tickets to the Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Celebration in ExCel Centre in London.

Credits Edit

...and why they're a Doctor Who superfan

  • Editor: Natalie Barnes Because I played Ace inn a school play.
  • Deputy Editor: Craig Donaghy I've got a Cyber head in my bedroom.
  • Production Editor: Liza Millett I can spell Raxacoricofallapatorius in my sleep.
  • Senior Art Editor: Nikki Davies I was around for ALL of the Doctors!
  • Designer: Phil White I've been obsessed with the Doctor since I was three years old.

Hidden Away / Facts Edit

  • Whisper Men are made from paper which is both light and thin.
  • Whisper Men planted the co-ordinates for Trenzalore in a crazy convict's head.
  • 15,000 litres of water were pumped from two trucks for the filming of The Waters of Mars.

Further information Edit

  • Any subscription offer was withdrawn as postage costs made the service no longer viable.
  • A Doctor Who Adventures app is now available £1.99 (UK).
  • This issue had a cover price of £2.99 (UK) and the free gift was bagged.
  • Next issue's free gift is promoted as monster model mould set.

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