Doctor Who Adventures #222 was the issue of the magazine for the week beginning 16 June 2011.

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  • Monster target game

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A3 The Headless Monks
A4 The Doctor
A4 Graske
A4 Weeping Angel

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With they think the Doctor has gone

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  • When the Daleks first appeared they were powered by static electricity and could only move on the metal floors of their city.
  • The Flesh can take on any form to defend itself.
  • Graske are red; Groske are blue.
  • The prosthetic masks used to create the Flesh could only be used once.
  • There were over 10 million Gangers being used in India.
  • The planet Jupiter is a giant gas planet (twice the size of all the other planets in the solar system put together), and has at least 63 moons and just 10 hours in each day.

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  • The subscription offer for this issue was a saving of 10% following four issues for £1 (UK).
  • This issue had a cover price of £2.50 (UK) and the free gift was cover mounted.
  • Next issue's free gift is promoted as a monster slime set with holo stickers, Silence slinger and Dalek slime Pot!

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