The one hundred seventy-fifth issue of Doctor Who Adventures had a cover date of 15 July - 21 July 2010.

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  • TARDIS money box

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  • None

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A3 Series 5 Poster Collection (Part Three)

Vincent and the Doctor
The Lodger
The Pandorica Opens
The Big Bang

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  • None

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  • Welcome and news
  • DWA Awards (Online Readers Poll): Funniest moment – The Doctor bursting out of Rory's cake.
  • Spot the Difference
  • Readers contributions
  • MAKE-IT: Eleventh Doctor face mask on back cover
  • 2 Colour It! Pages on inside cover featuring the Daleks and the TARDIS
  • Competition Goodies (Nanny McPhee DVD sets, Zibits remote controlled robots and Iron Man Mega Blocks)

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Hidden Away / Facts Edit

  • The Cybermean left to guard the Pandorica was chopped up by a Celt, the wiring contained in the mask allowed it to scan for life – that's how it found Amy and it was able to detect and fire a poisoned dart through its mouth in its objective to find a new head.
  • One night's filming at Stonehenge was one of the most expensive locations ever used in the series. The real stones stand seven metres tall and are over 2000 years old. Replica stones only three metres tall were made in two weeks of fibreglass on wooden frames and referred to by the crew as "Foamhenge". These were used to film all of the Doctor's speech scene.
  • According to the back cover facts/Eleventh Doctor face mask – the Doctor “has a very smelly two-headed godmother” !?

Additional details Edit

  • The subscription offer for this issue with a saving of 25% following four issues for £1 (UK).
  • This issue was an oversized issue with an Eleventh Doctor face mask and 2 Colour It! pictures on the inside cover, and a cover price of £2.20 (UK).
  • This issue's free gift was cover mounted.
  • Next issue's free gift is promoted as squirty bow-tie.

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