The one hundred and fifty-third issue of Doctor Who Adventures had a cover date of 11 February - 17 February 2010.

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  • Pale blue mini Dalek pencil case, notebook, eraser, pencil and stickers,or an Adipose pencil case, notebook, eraser, pencil and sticker.

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  • A3 TV: Doomsday - montage featuring the Battle of Canary Wharf between Daleks and Cybermen
  • A4 "One tiny little filter, and then THE FLOOD" The Tenth Doctor from TV: The Waters of Mars - featuring The Flood and the Doctor.
  • A4 "DIDN'T I say you'd be all right?" Wilfred Mott from TV: The End of Time - featuring the Doctor saying goodbye to Wilfred and Sylvia.

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  • None

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  • None

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  • Welcome and news (including New Series Secrets – monster preview and Ask Matt invitation)
Find in this issue hidden somewhere Lord President to win a new set of Time Squad figures featuring collect and build mini-Master figure.
  • Activity / Make-it
Who's Where? (2 page illustrated Gallifrey themed spread by Christopher Cooper)
  • Puzzles and Quiz
  • Readers contributions: Time Agent Upload / Doctor You
featuring reader's letters, photos, and art.
  • Competition Goodies (The Masque of Mandragora Doctor Who DVD, Disney's Up blue-ray goodies, Sebastian Darke books)
  • BIG WIN: a new set of The End of Time 5" figures, sonic screwdriver, curtains, single duvet set, valance sheet, Dalek rug and Dalek fleece blanket.

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Also listing: Their questions to Matt Smith

  • Editor: Moray Laing, Have you had a dream about Doctor Who monsters yet?
  • Deputy Editor: Paul Lang have you ever broken a bit of the TARDIS and not told anyone?<
  • Senior Art Editor: Nikki Davies What fitness training have you been doing for all that running?
  • Production Editor: Liza Millett, What's your favourite Doctor Who fact?
  • Designer: Melanie Caine, What would you create for our Time Agent Upload page?
  • Time Lord Helper: Chancellor Flavia, Can you unlock the time lock?

Hidden Away / Facts Edit

  • This magazine can be recycled: Or give it to the Outsiders on Gallifrey - they love a good read!
  • Ood Elder: "We will sing the competition rules to you. La la la!"
  • Matt Smith once wanted to be a professional footballer.
  • Jackson Lake's TARDIS stood for "Tethered Aerial Release Developed in Style".

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  • The subscription offer for this issue with a saving of 25% (UK) after an initial four issues for £1.
  • This issue had a cover price of £2.10 (UK) and its free gift was cover-mounted.
  • Next issue's free gift is promoted as a an inflatable monster (Supreme Dalek or Sontaran).
  • This issue also features another chance to order a number of online free gifts for only £2.99 each. They include: Dalek rucksack, Magazine folders and a Cyberman stationery set.

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