The one hundred thirteenth issue of Doctor Who Adventures had a cover date of 30 April - 6 May 2009.

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  • Sontaran themed maze game, badges and stickers

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  • Welcome and news
Find in this issue hidden somewhere cup of Athelstan to win a set of Doctor Who Time Squad action figures.
  • Activity / Make-it
Things to do with a defeated enemy: Toclafane weather vanes Illustrated by Christopher Cooper
Make-it: Tritovore mask and hands
  • Funny Who Ha!: Caption Competition
  • Puzzles and Quiz
  • Readers contributions: Time Agent Upload / Doctor You
featuring reader's letters, photos, and art.
  • Competition Goodies (Doctor Who Soundtrack The Space Museum, Star Fleet goody package and Chris Ryan books and games)
  • BIG WIN:

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Also listing: Their favourite Sontaran moment

  • Editor: Moray Laing, Whenever they chant Sontar-ha!
  • Deputy Editor: Annabel Gibson, Donna thwacking a Sontaran on the back of the neck
  • Senior Art Editor: Paul Lang, getting angry when the Doctor mocks their height
  • Art Editor: Steve Clarke, General Staal announcing his name: the Undefeated.
  • Production Editor: Liza Millett, Skarr: "They're running lime slimebait from a speelfox"
  • Picture Editor: Shaila Bux, When they're rejoicing and then they see Luke – whoops!
  • Acting Writer: Olivia McLearon, Creating clone Martha
  • Contributing Art Editor: Nikki Davies
  • Contributing Sub Editor Claudia Dudman
  • Team Potato: Commander Skorr, My glorious death in battle. Sontar-ha!

Hidden Away / Facts Edit

  • This magazine can be recycled: Or turn it into a paper mache TARDIS and explore the universe!
  • Miss Hartigan: "If my workforce think they're having Bank Holiday Monday off, they can think again!"
  • Caesofine gas (used to convert the Earth's atmosphere by the Sontarans) is flammable.

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  • For further exclusive online content on The Darksmith Legacy website the DWA code is "b100d".
  • The subscription offer for this issue with a saving of 30%, over £18 (UK) and a copy of The Time Traveller's Almanac or 40% saving without gift as promoted on inserted flyer.
  • This issue had a cover price of £2.10 (UK) and the free gift was cover mounted.
  • Next issue's free gift is promoted as a Dalek wallet

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