DW84 14 had a cover date of November 1985.

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The Doctor's comic strip stories Edit

Fourth Doctor Comic Strip Stories:

First Appeared: DWM (Issue 60)

Back-Up comic strip stories Edit

First Appeared: DWMS Summer 1982
First Appeared: DWMS Summer 1982
First Appeared: DWM (Issues 35-38)

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Credited credits Edit

Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter
Editor: Jim Salicrup
Assistant Editor: Adam Philips
Art Director: John Romita
Romita's Raiders: James W. Fry, Tom Morgan and Mark McKenna
Production Coordinator: Dan Crespi
Assistant Production Coordinator: Ron Zaime
Production: Harry Candelario, Rob Carosella, Phil Felix, Ken Lopez, Miriam Larsson, John Morelli and Barry Shapiro
Typesetting: Brenda Mings
Traffic Manager: Virginia Romita
Cover Artist: Dave Gibbons
Cover Colorist: George Roussos
Colorist: Andy Yanchus
Living on borrowed time: Irving Forbush

Further information Edit

  • Following the success of the Doctor's comic strip adventures in the UK's Doctor Who Magazine and the trial period in Marvel Premiere, this separate title was released in the USA and ran for twenty-three issues.
  • This all colour, monthly title was priced $1.50 (US).
  • Dave Gibbons provided all-new cover artwork for this issue.
  • All the comic strips reprinted in this title were cleaned, up with many being presented in full colour for the first time.
  • The reprinted comic strip material in this issue is once more sourced in this publication (except The Fabulous Idiot).
  • This issue concludes the run of colour reprints featuring the Fourth Doctor's Comic Strip Stories.
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