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DS Al Fine was the tenth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Time Signature. It was written by Simon Guerrier. It featured the Eighth Doctor.


White Tulip and Black Rose have been killing everyone who has come into contact with Isaac's music: Ambassador Nikolai Faro, the members of Isaac's orchestras in England and the Democratic Republic, the living city Boro Berikuka, and Arto and Turis. Now they attack the Doctor in his TARDIS, but he is prepared for them. Their attacks don't connect, and he uses the sonic screwdriver to destroy them.

Taking their place is someone he didn't expect: Flora Millrace. She explains that she once invented a machine that could detect a piece of music as it was hummed, and she showed it to Faro, who had Isaac's music running through his head. The song broke the machine, and when Flora tried to recreate the music, it created a rip in time. She learned that the music was too dangerous, so she created the two grey men to destroy anyone who had contact with the music.

She tries to fight the Doctor, but he has a tune in his head that counters Isaac's music. He then proposes an alternate solution, one which breaks the rules, but it is necessary to save lives.

William needs a new hobby and goes to a fishing shop. There he meets a strange man called the Doctor who is about to offer to take him fishing. However, Flora shows up and offers to go fishing with the Doctor instead. She gives William a recorder for his new hobby.




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