Dæmos Rising was a novelisation based on the 2004 direct-to-DVD drama Dæmos Rising.

Publisher's summary[]

'In the void between time the devils waited... patiently.. to be summoned again... to pass judgement on the Earth...'

KATE LETHBRIDGE-STEWART is summoned by an old friend, Douglas Cavendish, to help him with a problem he has with ghosts and voices in his head. But when Kate arrives, she finds more than she expected. Aided by a time-traveller from the future, Kate must outwit both the ancient race of Dæmons, and the Sodality, a human cult-like organisation from the future, which is intent on gaining control over time.

Dæmos Rising is based on, and expands upon, the Reeltime Pictures drama production Dæmos Rising originally released in 2004. it also spins off from the 1971 BBC Doctor Who adventure 'The Dæmons', and is a prequel to the Telos Publishing Time Hunter novella 'Child of Time'. All characters used with permission. This book has not been licensed or approved by the BBC or any of its affiliates.

Chapter titles[]

Part One[]

  1. The End of Time
  2. The Book
  3. Memories of Times Past
  4. Reading the Book
  5. London 2586
  6. Tea with Olive
  7. The Attack

Part Two[]

  1. The Cottage
  2. Cavendish
  3. The Statue
  4. Lost in Time
  5. Tea with Douglas
  6. Night Terrors
  7. The Collection
  8. Meet the Ghost
  9. Doubles
  10. Charm Offensive

Part Three[]

  1. The Caverns
  2. The Dæmon
  3. Discussions with the Devil
  4. Endgame

Deviations from the home video[]

  • The events at Devil's End in The Dæmons are mentioned as having taken place "around 1973": two years in the future, as opposed to the five years when the UNIT-related Doctor Who television stories were supposedly set. This was not derived from any information given in the DVD version.

Writing and publishing notes[]

  • The inside page includes the comments: "THE CHANGING FACE OF KATE LETHBRIDGE-STEWART. The cover illustration portrays the first KATE LETHBRIDGE-STEWART, before she became Head of Scientific Research at the Unified Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT)."
  • The novelisation includes a photo-section called Behind the scenes of 'Dæmos Rising', featuring a collection of eighteen colour photographs taken during the making of the DVD drama.

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