Cyrian was a young humanoid space traveller who became one of the Rani's few companions.

Biography Edit

Cyrian was from the asteroid Gaveston. During one of his travels, his spaceship crashed and he became stranded on the planet DV Acrol 8. Pursued by Cybermen, he was rescued by the Rani who took him aboard her TARDIS to become her travelling companion, though in effect he became a servant. He later learnt enough about the workings of the Rani's TARDIS in order to operate the control console. (NOTVALID: Rescue)

Consequently, when the Rani captured several incarnations of the Doctor as part of her plan to assemble a menagerie of all sentient life-forms from throughout space and time, hoping to use them to gain control of all individual minds in the universe. She requires only one more specimen, a human from Earth. Knowing that the Doctor will act to stop her, she creates a temporal trap to ensnare the Doctor in all his incarnations. (NOTVALID: Dimensions in Time)

Behind the scenes Edit

Before his appearance in a more conventional licensed Doctor Who story, (Rescue) Cyrian was actually first introduced in the television special Dimensions in Time, which, due to having been made for charity and possessing a thorny copyright situation, is not considered a valid source by this Wiki. Within that film, the name "Cyrian" was an edited version of the pronunciation of "Sir Ian", referencing the originally intended actor, then then-recently-knighted Sir Ian McKellen.

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