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Cymbeline is the fourth story in The Shakespeare Notebooks, featuring the Eleventh Doctor.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Another early draft of a scene, this time from the play Cymbeline.

While in Rome, Posthumus, son-in-law to Cymbeline, King of the Britons, accepts a drunken wager from an Italian nobleman, Iachimo. Iachimo proposes to test the loyalty of Imogen, daughter of Cymbeline and wife to Posthumus. He travels to the British city of Lud's Town, where he asks Imogen to guard a box of valuables. Imogen takes the box into her chamber. Iachimo has concealed himself inside it, and plans to emerge at midnight to collect evidence that he has spent time in her room: notes on the furnishing, and a bracelet that Imogen always wears - a love token from Posthumus.

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