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Cybus Spy was an online game published on the BBC's Doctor Who website.


You have to help someone in the chat to repair the radio. If you succeed a secret code is revealed.

How to play?[]

The player has to write messages into the chat, to help "~ ChatGuest 1 ~" with his radio. To find out what he needs to write into the chat the player has to visit the websites that "~ ChatGuest 1 ~" mentions in the chat and find the answers there. After finishing the game the player gets a code, with which he could get access to some additional doctor who pictures and the video game Save Paris. The game Save Paris was later published for everyone regardless if they played the Cybus Spy or not.

Solution (without replies)[]

Cybus website[]

  • Hello
  • What is the product code?
  • Replace the batteries
  • Press FM button twice.
  • 657

(Now click on the radio player in the chat and type in 657. A message can be heard: What is the secret of Henrik's surprise? Get back to the chat.)

  • Henrik's surprise
  • Gemini12
  • family
  • binary9

International electromatics website[]

  • IE2306801
  • No
  • Yes

Solution (with replies)[]

Cybus website[]

  • You: Hello
  • Guest: Hi. I've heard good things about you. As you know there's a code hidden somewhere on the Internet and I can help you find it. First, you need to go to www.internationalelectromatics.co.uk. My radio is broken and I need to know how to repair it.
  • You: What is the product code?
  • Guest: Let me check. The product code is IE2306801. What's the recommended fix for it? Check with International Electromatics.
  • You: Replace the batteries
  • Guest: I've tried replacing the batteries. No luck. Perhaps there a button I need to press to reset the radio? Go back to International Electromatics and find out please.
  • You: Press FM button twice.
  • Guest: Okay, I'll try that. Yeah tat's worked. Now, I need to find today's special frequency or wavelength to tune into and get a message. Apparently this might be hidden somewhere on or via the www.cybusindustries.net/vitex.htm site. It should be a three-diget number. What is it?
  • You: 657
  • Guest: 657? Let's hope your're right. I'm tuning my radio to- Someone's coming! Try listening for the message on your computer! Launch the radio player by clicking on the tab above, type in 657 and listen. Hopefully I'll be back in a moment. I'll send a messag to the radio screen of your player when I'm back. Got to go.

Cybus Spy Radio.

(Now click on the radio player in the chat and type in 657. The following message can be heared: "What is the secret of Henrik's surprise?" Now get back to the chat.)

  • You: Henrik's surprise
  • Guest: It's okay. They went away. I've really got to be careful here. So what's the secret of Henrik's surprise? Well, it isn't their prices! Go to www.henriksonline.co.uk. Come back to me when you found it.
  • You: Gemini12
  • Guest: Gemini12? What's that? It must be some kind of password. But for what? Look, I'll hold onto it. I've had one of your friends message me. They reckon that the code is hidden somewhere on the Cybus website. Which makes sense. They couldn't tell me where but they believe that the password is "the secret to John Lumic's success". I don't know what that is, but he's got a book out. Maybe there's a clue in there? Go to Henrik & Son at www.henriksonline.co.uk and check out the book.
  • You: family
  • Guest: Family? Yeah, like he even knows the meaning of the word. Okay, go to www.cybusindustrie.net and look for family. Try to find a place to use the password "Gemini12" and see if that gives you the code. I've got to go now so good luck ;-)
  • You: binary9
  • Guest: Well done. Remember that code. I think you'll be needing it before the week is out.

International electromatics website[]

International electromatics Website support chat

  • IE ATSS: <IE ATSS> Thank you for using International Electromatics producs. This is out automated product technical support service. We aim to get your product working again. Please enter the product code in the box below.
  • You: IE2306801
  • IE ATSS: Step One. You have the IE2306801 model. Please try the following resolution: Replace the batteries. Did this help? (yes or no)
  • You: No
  • IE ATSS: Step Two. Please try the following resolution: Press the FM button twice. Did this help? (yes or no)
  • You: Yes
  • IE ATSS: Thank you for visiting International Electromatics Costomer Support. Happy listening.

Additional sentences and words[]

These are additional sentences and words which can be added and which are answered but won't help the player with the Mission. However they reveal more about the chatter and what he knows or doesn't know.

  • You: Doctor?
  • Guest: I don't know what you mean. Do you need a doctor? Let's go on with the mission.
  • You: Yes.
  • Guest: Yes what?
  • You: No.
  • Guest: No what?
  • You: Who are you?
  • Guest: What? How do I know I can trust you? Just stick to the plan or I'm out of here.
  • You: Where are you?
  • Guest: I can't risk revealing that. Let's get on with the mission.
  • You: Preachers
  • Guest: I think you know what the preachers are.
  • You: Ricky Smith
  • Guest: Let's keep him out of here and get back to the mission.
  • You: Cyberman
  • Guest: Let's not talk about Cyberman now. We may being monitored.
  • You: Pete Tyler
  • Guest: What's he got to do with it? Let's get back to the mission.
  • You: Cybus Industries
  • Guest: Oh yeah, cos nobody knows who Cybus are! Are you from another planet or something?
  • You: Torchwood
  • Guest: I've never heard of Torchwood
  • You: Rose Tyler
  • Guest: What a lovely name. I knew someone with a dog called Rose.
  • You: Jackie Tyler
  • Guest: What's she got to do with it? Let's get back to the mission.
  • You: Jake Simmonds
  • Guest: Let's not bring him into this now.
  • You: Mrs Moore
  • Guest: Let's keep her out of this and get back to the mission.
  • You: Mickey Smith
  • Guest: Who is he? Perhaps we should continue with the mission.
  • You: What are you?
  • Guest: What? How do I know I can trust you? Just stick to the plan or I'm out of here.
  • You: Millingdale
  • Guest: This is no time to talk about ice cream. Unless you've found a clue at the millingdale website.
  • You: EarPods
  • Guest: Don't ever use them.
  • You: Battersea Power Station
  • Guest: Lumic has a base there. Don't try to go there it is to dangerous
  • You: What do I have to do?
  • Guest: I don't know and I don't want to know! We don't have time to chat.

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