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Cybus Industries was a company that existed on a parallel Earth.


As well as being an industrial corporation, Cybus Industries covered media, housing, technology, construction, finance, airships, and the health drink Vitex. It was used to create a breed of Cybermen as part of the Ultimate Upgrade™ project.

It was created in 1982 and run by John Lumic. Pete Tyler worked for Cybus Industries as a right-hand man for Lumic, after his Vitex company was bought out by Cybus.

Cybus Industries provided the main communications network, CybusNet. Features of their service included the 'daily download' which downloaded news, sport, jokes and other into the customers' brains via EarPods. Another feature included internet access. Cybus Industries also purchased other companies and helped their owners develop their businesses. (TV: Rise of the Cybermen) Lumic authorized the global upgrade of all compatible humans after the Cybermen were revealed. (WC: Tardisode 6)

Even after their journey to the Doctor's universe and their affiliation with the company long over, the Cybermen of Pete's World continued to sport a "C" engraved on their chest that represented Cybus Industries. (TV: Army of Ghosts, The Next Doctor, The Pandorica Opens et al.) A historical account about the Doctor's universe recounted that it had been suggested that cross pollination of the Cybus Cybermen and the Cybermen of Mondas led to the advanced Cyberman model used by the Cyberiad, seen at Hedgewick's World of Wonders. (PROSE: The Whoniverse)

Behind the scenes[]

Cybus Industries had a tie-in website, no longer hosted by the BBC as of July 2013. The website featured an interview with the character of Lumic. When asked what the "best" decision he made was, Lumic answered with "Assassinating the Prime Minister of the United States of Mexico". When asked the "best" and "worst" things about the BBC, Lumic simply responded that he abolished the BBC after Cybusnet became the sole global information provider.[1]

The Time Traveller's Almanac[]

The non-narrative source REF: The Time Traveller's Almanac gave further information about Cybus Industries. 1982—established by John Lumic. 1985—an unnamed co-founder died mysteriously. 1991—products flooded the market. 1996—all competition was swallowed. 2001—worldwide profits reached $78 billion. 2004—New South America reported 265,000 missing, and in 2007—the Ultimate Upgrade began. Notable divisions and subsidiaries included—Cybus Airships, Cybus Earpods, Cybus Finance, Cybus Fitness, Cybus FM, Cybus Network, and Cybus Property

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