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'''Cyberman''' or '''Cybermen''' may refer to:
'''Cyberman''' or '''Cybermen''' may refer to:
== [[Doctor Who universe|''Doctor Who'' universe]] ==
== In-universe ==
* [[Cyberman|Cybermen]] - a type of [[cybernetic]]ally augmented [[humanoid]]s.
* [[Cyberman|Cybermen]], a type of [[cybernetic]]ally augmented [[humanoid]]s, including:
** The [[Cyberman (Mondas)|Cybermen]] of this [[universe]], offshoots include:
*** [[CyberMondasian]]s
*** [[CyberFaction]]
*** [[CyberNomad]]s
*** [[CyberTelosian]]s
*** [[CyberNeomorph]]s
*** [[Twelfth Cyber Legion]]
** The [[Cyberman (Pete's World)|Cybermen]] of [[Pete's World|an alternative universe]]
== Behind the scenes ==
== Behind the scenes ==
* [[Cyberman (audio series)|''Cyberman'' (audio series)]], a [[Big Finish Productions]] audio miniseries
=== Titles ===
* [[Cybermen (CON episode)|''Cybermen'' (CON episode)]], an episode in series 2 of ''[[Doctor Who Confidential]]''
* '''''[[Cyberman (audio series)|Cyberman]]''''' - [[Big Finish Productions]] audio miniseries
* '''''[[The Cybermen]]''''' - comic series published in [[Doctor Who Magazine]]
* [[The Cybermen (comic story)|''The Cybermen'' (comic story)]], a comic series published in ''[[Doctor Who Magazine]]''
* ''[[The Cybermen (2009 box set)]]'', a 2009 box set
* '''''[[Doctor Who: Cybermen]]''''' - book authored by [[David Banks]]
* '''''[[Cybermen (Doctor Who Confidential episode)|Cybermen]]''''' - ''[[Doctor Who Confidential]]'' episode
* ''[[The Cybermen (2013 box set)]]'', a 2013 box set
* '''''[[Cyberwoman]]''''' - ''[[Torchwood]]'' Episode
* ''[[Cyberwoman (TV story)|Cyberwoman]]'', an episode of [[Series 1 (Torchwood)|Series 1]] of ''[[Torchwood]]''.
* ''[[Doctor Who: Cybermen]]'', a book authored by [[David Banks]] and published in [[1988]]
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Cyberman or Cybermen may refer to:


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