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Cyberman was an audio series that Big Finish Productions produced following their success with the Dalek Empire audio series.

As with Dalek Empire, Cyberman also had some links with other Big Finish audio stories, in particular Sword of Orion. In Cyberman, the events followed the Orion War in the 26th century, which involved the humans, androids and Cybermen.

In May 2016, Big Finish released a special box set collecting all eight stories from the series.



Main article: Series 1 (Cyberman)
# Title Author Featuring Released
1.1 Scorpius Nicholas Briggs Paul, Karen, Liam, Samantha, Cybermen, Cyber-Planner September 2005
1.2 Fear October 2005
1.3 Conversion December 2005
1.4 Telos February 2006

Cyberman 2[]

Main article: Cyberman 2
# Title Author Featuring Released
2.1 Outsiders James Swallow Samantha, Liam, Paul, Cybermen December 2009
2.2 Terror
2.3 Machines
2.4 Extinction


  • The only story that had any sort of cast listing was Telos. The others stories stated that "Access to classified Scorpius information available at www.bigfinish.com/scorpius", a specially designed portion of the Big Finish site.
  • Unlike most Big Finish Productions, each story of series 1 was recorded live in a single take, with the sound effects and music being played into the studio as the actors were performing. A small audience was present for the live recording of Scorpius, but located in a separate room where they could not see the actors - Nicholas Briggs recalls that afterwards, a member of the audience said that they would have thought they were listening to a pre-recorded CD, if it wasn't for the fact that the speakers were also playing the audio from Nicholas's director cues.

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