A Cyberman visited post-Civil War Nebraska and followed a circus around America.

Investigating, the Ninth Doctor learnt of rumours about a mysterious figure that and led to people's disappearances from Mona, who posed as a bearded woman for the circus' freak show and gained her trust by having the psychic paper identify him as a maverick with the local sheriff's department. The Doctor arrived at a circus and became suspicious when he heard nobody talking.

Mona brought the Doctor to meet Jacob, who confirmed the figure's existence, and the Doctor resolved to gather more information. Joined by Mona, the Doctor followed mismatched footprints to the Big Top tent, where Mona was kidnapped by the figure. The Doctor tracked them to an old trailer full of surgical equipment and identified the figure as a Cyberman that had fallen through a space-time breach and had been replacing its decaying flesh in the absence of technology to replace its corroding machinery, leaving it more human as a result.

The Doctor was horrified to learn that the Cyberman had developed feelings for Mona and that it had stolen Jacob's face in order to appeal to her. The Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to disable the Cyberman's emotional inhibitor, causing it to have an emotional breakdown, and allowing him to rescue Mona. As they left the whimpering Cyberman, the Doctor apologised for what he had done to it. After Mona declined his offer to let him stay with her until she recovered from the shock of the ordeal, the Doctor returned to the trailer to find the Cyberman but discovered that it had left without a trace. (PROSEThe Patchwork Pierrot)

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