Cyberman: The Complete Series 1 and 2 was a box set collecting the Cyberman audio series.

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There Is Nothing To Fear...

Mankind is fighting a long and costly war with its android creations in the Orion System. The deadlock must be broken at all costs. The President of Earth is offered an unthinkable strategy that cannot be refused.

Deep below the ocean, an ancient spaceship has been discovered. One that contains the remains of the great civilisation we could have been if we’d taken another path. A purer path...

Now the Scorpius strategy is in full operation. Silver legions stand impassive in every city; mankind has sacrificed its freedoms and a web of lies and deceit draws ever tighter. Only one choice remains - resist or surrender...

Stories Edit

# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
1 Scorpius Nicholas Briggs Nicholas Briggs Paul, Karen, Liam, Samantha, Cybermen, Cyber-Planner 13 May 2016 BFPCYBESCD06
2 Fear
3 Conversion
4 Telos
5 Outsiders James Swallow Samantha, Liam, Paul, Cybermen
6 Terror
7 Machines
8 Extinction

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