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Cyber Crisis was a comic story in Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe.


A humanoid man, partway through the cyber-conversion process, grimly remembers that it took a mere fifteen minutes for his cruiser to be stormed by the Cybermen. Although the crew sent out an SOS, it was already too late. Half of them died; the rest, like the man, are in the process of being converted. A Cyberman reports to the Cyber-Leader that the conversions are at 78% completion, and the Cyber-Leader prepares to report their progress to New Mondas. Suddenly, an alarm sounds, and the Cyberman reports that a hull breach has occurred in Sector Nine - the Cyber-ship has been boarded. The Cyber-Leader questions as to who would dare to attack the Seventh Cyber-Fleet, when two Daleks break into the room and exterminate the Cybermen. The partially-converted man sarcastically remarks that he has been saved by the Daleks, and notes that they will at least put him and his crew out of their misery. To his horror, the Daleks reactivate the cyber-conversion units and complete the crew's conversions.

The man remembers that event as how his life ended, and how, from that day onwards, he was "a spectator in [his] own body". On New Mondas, the fully converted crew members are presented by another Cyber-Leader to the Cyber-Controller, who orders them to be deployed immediately. However, the Cybermen do not move, due to an error in the command network, prompting the Cyber-Leader to perform a diagnostic scan. The converted man remembers that he could not speak unless allowed to, nor move unless ordered. The Cyber-Leader's scan reveals that an Oblivion Continuum has been installed within each of the Cybermen's chest units. The Cyber-Controller orders for them all to be eradicated immediately, only for the Cybermen to shout "exterminate!", while the converted man recalls how he "raged inside the machine". The Oblivion Continuums then explode, destroying the Cybermen and all of Cyber-Command, as the converted man remembers how he was forced to obey the whims of his masters, whoever they might be.

Watching from a distance, two Daleks declare that the Cyber-Empire has fallen to the Daleks.