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Cyber-drones were semi-converted Cybermen created by descendants of those created in Pete's World.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Described by the Tenth Doctor as "rush jobs" and "basic work units", Cyber-drones were humans who were partially converted by the Cybermen. This partial conversion entailed the use of brain implants, to condition the drones to serve the Cybermen, and limb replacements. The typical Cyberdrone was augmented with a partial Cyber-helmet with no eye-pods or jaw and torso plating which was linked to the helmet via tubing. (COMIC: Drones of Doom)

Other Cyber-drones mined Hargstone sported a pair of tubes atop the head as opposed to a helmet, while their torsos were covered by fur coats. These miners were fitted with Cyberman limbs, either arms or legs or both, according to their tasks. Homaj was distinct in that his right hand was a drill. In addition, Cyber-drones of the initial type worked alongside them. (COMIC: Enemy Mine)

History[edit | edit source]

Homaj. (COMIC: Enemy Mine)

The first Cyber-drone of Centuria was an interplanetary info-thief who used secret files from the Torchwood Archive to build his own Cybermen, only to be converted into their slave. He served as a driver for a truck carrying other humans the Cybermen had abducted, including Jayne Kadett, to Processing Factory Zero-One. Also among those captured was the Tenth Doctor who, with Jayne's assistance, saved his fellow captives from the Cybermen and destroyed their factory. (COMIC: The Power of the Cybermen)

Using a hypnotic signal, the Cybermen herded humans to Terminus 5, where they were to be converted to Cyber-drones. Infiltrating the Terminus, the Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to terminate the hypnotic beam, making the Cyber-drones self-aware, leading them to attack the Cybermen. During the battle, a fuel bank was ruptured, resulting in the airship being destroyed with both Cybermen and Cyber-drones still onboard. (COMIC: Drones of Doom)

In Centuria's arctic zone, Cyber-drones were used to mine Hargstone for transfer to Cyber-base. During their work, the Cybermen and Cyber-converted dogs protected from the native Ice Snakes. One drone, Homaj, had unstable mental implants and so deserted, coming into contact with the Doctor and Jayne. Ultimately, Homaj gave his life as he used explosives to seal the Cybermen mine. (COMIC: Enemy Mine)

Other references[edit | edit source]

In one parallel universe, a Cyber-Controller used "Cyberdrone" as a term for the fully-converted Cyberman units subordinate to it. (AUDIO: Code Silver) Similarily, a Borg-modified Cyber-Controller who crossed from N-Space to the Federation universe refered to its subordinates as "drones". (COMIC: Assimilation²)

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