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Cyber-Warriors, also referred to as Cybermen of the Warrior Class, were a new generation of Cybermen that were awakened on a Cybercarrier by the Lone Cyberman, Ashad and his Cyberguards to fight as a Cyber-Army against the remnants of humanity in the far future after the Cyber-Empire had been brought down at the end of the Cyber-Wars. (TV: Ascension of the Cybermen) They were organised into execution units (TV: The Timeless Children) and larger battalions. (TV: The Vanquishers)

The term "Cyber-Warrior" was also used by Jack Harkness to refer to the Cybermen of the Cyber-Earth in the 2006 of an alternate timeline. (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen)


Cyber-Warriors of the Cyber-Wars[]

A Cyber-Warrior (TV: Ascension of the Cybermen)

Emerging in the aftermath of the Cyber-Wars, (TV: Ascension of the Cybermen) the Cyber-Warriors' Cyber-bodies possessed numerous features from those of other Cybermen, particularly resembling the second Cyber-body design used by the Cyber Legions. (PROSE: Ghost in the Machine, TV: Nightmare in Silver) The Cyber-Warriors' Cyber-bodies included a Cyber-helmet resembling those of the CyberNeomorphs (TV: Earthshock) and a faceplate resembling those of the "Early" CyberFaction Cybermen. (TV: The Invasion) Their chests were identical to those of the later Cybermen of the Cyber Legions, (PROSE: Ghost in the Machine, TV: Nightmare in Silver) though their torsos were vertically-grooved. The Cyber-Warriors' shoulders and legs were adorned with spikes. (TV: Ascension of the Cybermen, The Timeless Children) Notably, the Cyber-bodies of Cyber-Warriors could be utilised by humans if their organics were removed and the connection to the Cybermen's neural network was severed, although the latter could be detected by other Cybermen. (TV: The Timeless Children)

The Cyber-Warriors' voices closely resembled those of the early Cybus Industries Cybermen. (TV: Rise of the Cybermen) For weaponry, Cyber-Warriors were equipped with a wrist blaster on their right Cyber-arm, which were capable of killing humans as well as fellow Cyber-Warriors. (TV: The Timeless Children) Nonetheless, the Cyber-Warriors could also be equipped with larger blasters (TV: The Vanquishers) that resembled the heavy blasters wielded by the Cybusmen and Cyber Legions. (TV: Doomsday, A Good Man Goes to War)

Other energy weapons and explosives, including those used by Ko Sharmus to destroy a Cybercarrier, could also destroy Cyber-Warriors. (TV: The Timeless Children) At least one Cyber-Warrior was capable of flight. (WC: 14683 UNIT Field Log)


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The CyberMasters were Cyber-Warriors converted from dead Time Lords by the Spy Master. Unlike standard Cyber-Warriors, their Cyber-helmets featured Gallifreyan writing and silver, ornate Time Lord headdresses in place of side handles. The CyberMasters also wore long, blue robes. Despite being converted from dead Time Lords, the Master managed to genetically splice the CyberMasters with Time Lord regeneration capabilities. (TV: The Timeless Children)

Cyber-Warriors of the Cyber-Earth[]

The Cyber-Warriors of the Cyber-Earth. (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen)

In an alternate timeline, the Cybermen of the Cyber-Earth, who Captain Jack Harkness referred to as "Cyber-Warriors", the result of humans cyber-converted by the techno-virus. They sported highly muscular Cyber-bodies compared to most other Cybermen, as well as fixed frowns on their faceplates. These Cyber-Warriors also carried large rifle-like Cyber-guns with blue barrels, although neither these nor the Cyber-Warriors themselves were able to penetrate the shield of the flyer used by the Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness.

Notably, upon being converted by the techno-virus, Rose Tyler's Cyber-Warrior form differed greatly from the standard Cyber-Warriors. Her left arm, upper right arm, legs and chest resembled those of the Cybus Industries Cybermen, albeit with a glowing blue chest core, and her lower right arm was a huge, blocky double-barrelled cannon, capable of killing a human in a single blast. Rose's faceplate was also incomplete, exposing the right-hand side of her face. (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen)


Activity in the 21st century[]

A Cyber-Warrior in 2020 London. (WC: 14683 UNIT Field Log)

A Cyber-Warrior was among the multiple alien entities which came through the Time Fracture to a deserted London in the early morning of 19 August 2020, appearing by St Paul's Cathedral before flying in the air. The Cyberman was intercepted by military personnel before any engagement with the civilian population could take place. (WC: 14683 UNIT Field Log)

When the Flux and the Ravagers made "time run wild" during the Great Disruption, Cyber-Warriors were present (TV: Once, Upon Time) in 2021 (TV: Survivors of the Flux) to take advantage of the Flux to expand the Cyber-Empire. A squad of Cyber-Warriors attacked Bel aboard a Lupari ship. She killed the boarding party of Cyber-Warriors, saved one, whom she damaged and then interrogated on what they knew about the damage to time. This Cyber-Warrior disagreed with Bel's philosophy that emotions were worth fighting for, which prompted Bel to execute the dying the Cyber-Warrior.

Other Cyber-Warriors were present through what Bel termed the "Cyber Sector" to spread their empire and convert new lifeforms. (TV: Once, Upon Time) Later, two Cyber-Warriors spoke on behalf of the assembled Cyber-battalions that responded to the Sontaran's supposed answer of protection from the Flux, only for the Sontarans to leave the Cybermen and Dalek battalions to be destroyed in the event. (TV: The Vanquishers)


During the Cyber-Wars, the Cybermen used this variant following the Cybus style. Several of these were seen floating around when the Gravraft reached the Cyber-Carrier. When Ashad discovered the Cybercarrier and its complement of dormant warriors, he began drilling into them, (TV: Ascension of the Cybermen) so to remove their organic components, something that Ashad viewed as a weakness. Now purely robotic, the warriors were reactivated as the ship set course for Gallifrey. To hide from the warriors, the humans aboard, at Graham O'Brien's suggestion, donned the outer shells of deceased warriors as disguises, using their likeness to infiltrate the execution unit that nearly killed Ryan Sinclair and Ko Sharmus.

When Ashad met with the Spy Master in the ruins of the Capitol, the Time Lord expressed a mocking disappointment for Ashad's vision of a purely mechanical Cyber-race and convinced him to upgrade the Cyber-Warriors into the CyberMasters by harvesting the Time Lord corpses. The Cyber-Warriors were destroyed when Ko Sharmus and the other humans detonated bombs aboard the Cybercarrier. (TV: The Timeless Children)

Alternate timeline[]

Rose Tyler is converted into a Cyber-Warrior in an alternate timeline. (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen)

In an alternate timeline where the Cybermen used Time Lord resources to conquer all of time and space, "Cyber-Warrior" was the term used by Captain Jack Harkness to refer to humans who were converted into Cybermen on the Cyber-Earth in 2006 via the techno-virus. Several of these Cyber-Warriors attacked the Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler and Jack when the latter crashed their flyer into the Cyber-Warriors' base at St Paul's Cathedral, and assisted Rose in attacking the Doctor and Jackie after Rose was cyber-converted. After failing to breach the shield of the flyer, the converted Rose broke into the Doctor's TARDIS and prepared to kill the Doctor and Jackie. Ultimately, however, these Cyber-Warriors, along with Rose's cyber-converted state and the rest of the timeline, were erased from history when, at the end of the universe, the Twelfth Doctor and Rassilon used the Eye of Harmony on Gallifrey to regenerate the universe back into the original timeline. (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen)

Other references[]

The CyberNomads that attacked Nerva Beacon referred to fellow units as "Cyberwarriors". (PROSE: The Revenge of the Cybermen)