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On Marinus, also known as Planet 14, the Voord converted themselves into Cybermen, having began experimenting with a Worldshaper, which accelerated time locally and "quick-evolved" the Voord. Over time they replaced their body parts with cybernetic parts. The Sixth Doctor, Frobisher, Peri Brown and Jamie McCrimmon attempted to stop the Voord. Jamie sacrificed himself to destroy the Worldshaper, which caused a blast that accelerated time. The Voord then evolved into entirely cybernetic creatures called Cybermen. (COMIC: The World Shapers) According to one account, Marinus then became known as Mondas and the Voord were the ancestors of the Mondasian Cybermen. (COMIC: The World Shapers) However, the Twelfth Doctor conversely believed that the Cybermen of Mondas and Marinus originated separately through parallel evolution. (TV: The Doctor Falls)

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