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Cyber-Technology, Cyber-equipment, (PROSE: Made of Steel) or Cybertech, (TV: Nightmare in Silver) was a blanket term given to inventions, weapons, and other devices of the Cybermen. One Cyber-Controller boasted that Cyber-Technology was the most advanced technology of any universe. (AUDIO: Code Silver) The Seventh Doctor described Cyber-Technology to De Flores, a human from the year 1988, as "more advanced and more terrible than you could imagine." (TV: Silver Nemesis)

Whilst being highly advanced, Cybermen could not always rely on cyber-technology and, when beneficial, commandeered alien technology such as the Cryon's refrigerated cities. (TV: Attack of the Cybermen) The Seventh Doctor once used cyber-technology to try an analyse a sample of Warlock, but the analysis failed. (PROSE: Warlock)

When confronted by Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and UNIT, a Cyberman informed her that human weapons were ineffective against cyber-technology. In response, she presented it with a severed and damaged CyberNomad head, signifying to them that humans had learned how to combat the Cyber-subspecies. (TV: Death in Heaven)

In 2526, the Cyber-Leader stated, while watching the non-human Fifth Doctor use Cyber-Technology, that humans lacked the ability to understand it, an observation which tipped him off to the Doctor's identity. (TV: Earthshock)

The Cyberium was an artificial intelligence and item of Cyber-Technology which contained the knowledge and history of the Cybermen of the Cyber-Empire. (TV: The Haunting of Villa Diodati)

When it allied with Rassilon, the Cyberiad conquered Earth during the time of the Silurians and built a fleet of Cyber-Arks with which to seed the developing galaxy with cyber-technology. According to the Eleventh Doctor, cyber-technology was not supposed to exist at that point in history. (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen)

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