A Cyber-Scout painted black. (TV: Attack of the Cybermen)


Cyber-Scouts (also known as Cyber-Troopers) were a division of Cybermen that were specialised for reconnaissance.

On Mondas, Cyber-Scouts operated Cyber-Scout craft. (COMIC: The Dead Heart, The Prodigal Returns)

Some Scouts were painted to best camouflage with their environment. A number of Cybermen that patrolled the London Underground were painted black, making them nearly invisible in the dark tunnels. (TV: Attack of the Cybermen)

History Edit

On Mondas Edit

A Cyber-Scout was sent in a Cyber-Scout craft on a mission to find the Lizard Kings. Crashing in a jungle, the scout encountered a village of human Mondasians, who believed it to be a servant of the gods. Raven, a heretic, was selected by their religious leader to accompany the scout on its mission to find the Lizard Kings. At the edge of the Blisterlands, they encountered a cybernetic dinosaur which conveyed them to the Dead Heart of the World, an underground base. Inside, they revived Kho'dja, an augmented Lizard King, who told them the history of Mondas: the planet departed from its orbit when its sister planet gained its moon; the Lizard Kings dominated the world but became lazy and corrupt; they used their technology to augment apes into cybernetic servants; and, finally, they entered suspended animation until they world would return to its original orbit, but instead the apes had evolved and taken over. The Cyberman killed Kho-Dja, declared that Mondas would belong to the Cyber-race, and had Raven placed in a conversion unit. (COMIC: The Dead Heart)

Manning a Cyber-Scout craft, a Cyber-Scout was sent on a mission to travel through a cosmic cloud that appeared the same time an ape had arrived, to find the ape's home planet and convert their species. The Cyberman came through the cloud and was fired at by missiles by the Lizard Kings on Mondas, in an era before Mondas broke away from Earth. The missiles missed the Cyber-Scout craft, but the recoil injured it and damaged its voicebox. Noticing the Cyberman's technology was not unlike their own, the Lizard Kings decided to study the Cyber-Scout through vivisection and sent an ape-servant into the cloud to its world. The ape-servant inside the craft was the same ape that inspired the Cybermen to send the Cyber-Scout through the cosmic cloud in Mondas' future. (COMIC: The Prodigal Returns)

Later history Edit

On Telos, Scouts usually patrolled a set route. They were targeted by Stratton and Bates. (TV: Attack of the Cybermen)

A Cyber-Scout was time scooped to the Death Zone by Borusa, where it was used to locate the Doctors, as the Cybermen planned to find the Doctor's TARDIS and destroy it with Cyber-bombs. (TV: The Five Doctors)

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