A Cyber-Leader led a shuttle to Earth in 1988 to find the Nemesis to transform Earth into a base planet, the New Mondas.

Upon arrival, the Cyber-Leader recognised the Seventh Doctor, having predicted his presence. The Cybemen massacred the Neo-Nazis whom they encountered at their landing site for control of the Nemesis.

After the statue was seized, the Cyber-Leader moved it to Lady Peinforte's tomb, as it had noticed she was present in the 20th century, and believed that the statue being in her tomb would drive her mad. After the statue began to glow due to the close presence of the bow, the Cyber-Leader intended to call in reinforcements, but the Doctor and Ace blocked its transmission.

After Peinfote and Richard Maynarde found the statue, the Cyber-Leader mistook her frantic searching for madness, but its troops were forced to retreat due to the duo having gold arrows. After Ace destroyed the shuttle with Nitro-9, the Cyber-Leader believed their agents had rebelled against them, and executed them.

De Flores, the leader of the Neo-Nazis struck a deal with the Cybermen, telling them it would deal with Peinforte if control over Earth could be divided up between them. The Cyber-Leader agreed, but planned to kill him when he was no longer useful. After De Flores managed to capture the statue, the Cybemen demanded the bow, but as the Nazi never had it in the first place, he was captured. As De Flores tried to negotiate with the Cyber-Leader, it ordered the Lietenant to execute him, but was momentarily stunned by gold dust.

After the Doctor awakened the Nemesis statue, the Cyber-Leader and its army followed to a hanger. There, they battled Ace, who was armed with gold coins. Eventually, during a confrontation on a gantry, the Cyber-Leader was wounded by a gold coin shot by Ace, falling to the ground. It survived, pulling the coin out of its chest unit, and shot De Flores dead when he held the bow.

The Doctor seemingly surrendered to the Cyber-Leader, despite Peinforte threatening to leak his secrets, to which the Cyber-Leader had no interest. After ordering the Nemesis's destructive capabilities be cancelled, the Nemesis was sent to the Fleet, which it destroyed. The Cyber-Leader was killed by Richard, who stabbed it with Peinforte's gold arrow. (TV: Silver Nemesis)

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