This Cyber-Leader planned to destroy Earth with Cyber-bombs to stop a conference that was leading to an alliance against the Cybermen. When its androids were destroyed and the bomb had failed, the Cyber-Leader examined the information gleaned from the androids' memories, and realised the Doctor was involved.

It showed replays of the different encounters with the Doctor; it showed the First Doctor's encounter with the Cybermen when Mondas was attacking Earth, when the Second Doctor confronted the Cybermen invading the Wheel, and the Cybermen's attack on Voga where they were foiled by the Fourth Doctor. It deduced the Doctor had regenerated again, and that he should be killed.

It sent the Cybermen to attack Briggs' freighter. Its cargo, unknown to the crew, was an army of Cybermen. They awoke and took over the ship. The Cyber-Leader planned to destroy life on Earth by hitting it with the craft they had reprogrammed. The craft unexpectedly travelled back in time when interfacing with the Cyber device. It hit the Earth but only resulted in wiping out the dinosaurs. The Cyber-Leader attacked the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan Jovanka in the Doctor's TARDIS. The Doctor ground Adric's gold star badge into the Cyber-Leader's chest. It shot at the TARDIS console and died when the Doctor shot it several times. (TV: Earthshock)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • This is the first Cyber-Leader to enter the TARDIS.
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