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A Cyber-Leader was part of the hierarchy of the Cybermen.


A Cyber-Leader would serve as the supreme leader of the Cybermen, when the Cyber-Controller was not present. Cyber-Leaders are sometimes accompanied and assisted by a Cyber-Lieutenant. (DW: The Five Doctors, Silver Nemesis)

There appear to have been several Cyber-Leaders, it is unclear whether their existence overlapped or not. It is known however that Leaders were of sufficient value to warrant, a personal guard of Cybermen. (DW: Earthshock)

Although Cyber-Leaders shared the same basic vulnerabilities as their subordinates, they were stronger than normal Cybermen. When attacked with gold, they were more resistant (DW: Silver Nemesis). They were designated as the Leader by either a black helmet (DW: Revenge of the Cybermen), or black handle bars on their helmet (DW: Earthshock, DW: The Five Doctors, DW: Attack of the Cybermen and Silver Nemesis) dependent upon the specific sub-species of Cyberman. (REF: DW: Cybermen)




A Cyber-Leader was in command of an ancient Cybership which attempted to destroy the planet of Gold, Voga, in order to stop the production of Glitterguns. It was killed when it's ship was destroyed by the Vogan rocket, Sky Striker. (DW: Revenge of the Cybermen)

Start of the Cyber-Wars

A Cyber-Leader planned to destroy Earth using Cyber-bombs to stop a conference which would lead to an alliance against the Cybermen. When it's android's were destroyed and the bomb had failed, it sent the Cybermen to attack Brigg's freighter. It's cargo, unknown to the crew, being an army of Cybermen. They awoke and took over the ship. The Cyber-Leader planned to destroy life on Earth through hitting it with the craft that they had reprogrammed. The craft was brought back in time by the Doctor, it still hit the earth and wiped out the Dinosaurs. The Cyber-Leader then attacked the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan Jovanka in The Doctor's TARDIS. The Doctor was able to grind Adric's gold star badge into the Cyber-Leader's chest. It shot at the TARDIS console and was finally killed when it was shot several times by the Doctor (DW: Earthshock)
Cyberleader 2

The Doctor uses Adric's badge to damage the Cyberleader cause of it being made out of gold.

In the Death Zone

A Cyber-Leader was in command of a squad Time Scooped by Borusa to the Death Zone. It found the Doctor and the Master and fired at them. The Doctor was able to escape using the Master's homing beacon while the Master was able trick the Cybermen into working with him to destroy the Time Lords. They went to a giant chessboard in the Dark Tower. When the Cybermen attempted to cross they were all electrocuted. The Cyber-Leader asked why the Master had betrayed them, he told him the safe path changed with every journey. When the Master showed the Cyber-Leader the safe path under threat of death he turned around and killed the Cyber-Leader. (DW: The Five Doctors)

Saving Mondas

A Cyber-Leader was second in command to the Cyber-Controller in its attempt to time travel and destroy Earth in the year 1985 so that Mondas would not be destroyed the next year. He along with the Cyber-Controller were shot dead by the Sixth Doctor. (DW: Attack of the Cybermen)

The Nemesis

A Cyber-Leader lead a shuttle to Earth 1988 to find the Nemesis, they massacred the Neo-Nazis. The Cyber-Leader was wounded by a gold coin shot by Ace, however he survived and shot dead De Flores when he held the bow, the Cyber-Leader was killed by Richard Maynarde when he stabbed him with Lady Peinforte's gold arrow. (DW: Silver Nemesis)

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