A Cyber-Controller led the cyber invasion of Gallifrey.

Biography Edit

The Cyber-Controller ruled the remnant of the Cybermen that existed at the end of the universe. When the exiled Rassilon approached them with the promise of an alliance, the Cyber-Controller commanded the Gallifreyan Cyber Fleet to invade the Time Lord homeworld, their military might overwhelming the planet. While the Cybermen made liberal usage of Time Lord technology to assimilate the past, and distract the various incarnations of the Doctor from their plan, the Controller allowed Rassilon to believe he was in charge until the final stages of their plan were ready to be enacted.

After Rassilon had wired the General into a loom, the Cyber-Controller ordered his forces to force the same fate onto the Twelfth Doctor and Rassilon himself, harvesting their own regeneration energy into the Eye of Harmony, the Controller planning to use the Eye to create a new universe, one inhabited by an ultimate breed of Cybermen. When Rassilon, a necessary part of the plan, read as brain dead however, the Controller simply ordered the Doctor plugged in as a substitute as both men were upgraded. As total event collapse began, the Cybermen began using the Eye to reshape reality only for the energy to begin flowing backwards. It was then that the Doctor and Rassilon revealed that they were still self-aware and had altered the Eye's protocols from within the Matrix. As regeneration energy began to burn away all the cyber-upgrades, the Cyber-Controller overloaded and exploded. (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen)

Appearance Edit

This Cyber-Controller, like the previous Cyber-Controllers, lacked head handles. His brain was shown in transparent "window" on his helmet. The Cyber-Controller has an advanced body like the lesser Cybermen. He had glowing blue eyes. (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen)

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