A Cyber-Controller ruled the Mondasian Cyber-Empire.


Unlike other Controllers, it appeared identical to its subordinates. However, it notably began wearing a cloak as the Cyber-Empire reached its height. (COMIC: The Cyber Empire)


Cyber-Controller Flower Power

The Cyber-Controller presents the protective masks. (COMIC: Flower Power)

Within their city, the Cyber-Controller designed and produced hundreds of masks to be used to protect the Cybermen from the deadly flowers on the planet, which had been used against the Cybermen by the Second Doctor and his companions. After the travellers were seemingly killed, the Controller gave the order for the masks to be removed; in reality, the travellers had escaped and took their leave in the TARDIS. (COMIC: Flower Power)

With the Cyber Empire at its height, the Controller, now sporting a cape, believed themself to be leader of "the most powerful force in the universe. To commemorate this, the Controller ordered the construction of a city to match their "greatness", complete with a massive Cyber-statue of themselves. In honour of their leader, the Cybermen abducted and enslaved thousands of humans, who were made to construct the city on their planet. However, this city was discovered by the Second Doctor, who led the human slaves in a rebellion against the Cybermen, resulting in the toppling of the statue and the defeat of the Cybermen. (COMIC: The Cyber Empire)

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