A Cyber-Controller led an armada of Cybermen in an attempted conquest of multiple universes, and entered into a temporary alliance with the Borg before betraying and subjugating them.

Biography Edit

The Cybermen crossed into the 23rd century of a universe that wasn't their own. Due to the interference of the Fourth Doctor, with help from Captain James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy and Montgomery Scott of the USS Enterprise, this Cyberman threat was stomped out. The Doctor later claimed he remembered the incident both happening and not happening, concluding that history was being rewritten.

The following century, the Cybermen prepared to pick up where their predecessors left off and with the Cyber-Controller at their head, they encountered a species similar to their own called the Borg and they entered an alliance before attacking the planet Delta IV, the Prime Minister of which escaped and alerted Starfleet of the invasion. However, when the Cyber-Controller felt the Borg had outlived their usefulness, it ordered the Cybermen to betray them, as had been the plan from the beginning. The Cyber-Controller was more concerned with the presence of the Eleventh Doctor and sought to prevent him from ruining their plans.

The Borg and Captain Picard of the USS Enterprise-D, with the support of the Doctor, formed an uneasy alliance for mutual benefit and stormed the Cyber-Controller's ship. The Doctor, Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data and the Borg-converted Marcus Bertrand stormed the Cyber-Controller's throne room. The Cyber-controller was overcome and Bertrand set all of the Cyberships to self-destruct through the Cyber-web that linked them together. (COMIC: Assimilation²)

Personality Edit

Die Doctor Die

A seemingly enraged Cyber-Controller lunges at the Doctor.

Strangely, this Cyber-Controller showed far more emotion than any other Cyberman, predominantly anger. It made use of abbreviations such as "Won't", "We're" and "You've", displaying a much more flexible speech pattern than the rest of its race, and could also be seen making various gestures with its hands. It made numerous violent threats, claiming it would take over the Doctor's universe after it was finished with the Borg, that it would "crush [their] soft throats and build the new Cyberman empire atop [their] bones", and literally leaped into action to take its attackers on in hand-to-hand combat while screaming in rage. Guinan did earlier note that while the Cybermen claimed to be emotionless, they were often ambitious and ruthless when it came to conquest. (COMIC: Assimilation²)

Behind the scenes Edit

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