Cyber-Commander was a Cyberman rank.

Zheng was the first one to exist. (AUDIO: Spare Parts, The Reaping)

The Cybermen of the Cyber-Mainframe, who originated from a parallel universe and sought to upgrade the multiverse, featured Cyber-Commanders as secondary leaders whenever they commenced dimension seeding in a new universe, in particular serving as leaders of the attack force whilst a Cyber-Controller oversaw the acquisition of a foothold in a new universe.

One Cyber-Commander served such a role when the Cybermen attempted to conquer the Earth of N-Space, leading the initial attack on Fortress Island, where it monitored the total number of humans on the fort, and how many had been deleted or upgraded. Eventually it was destroyed, along with all the other Cybermen, when the Master was partially upgraded and used his connection to the Cyber-Mainframe to poison the Cybermen’s power supply by drawing power from all the realities where they failed to commence full dimension seeding. (AUDIO: Code Silver, Master of Worlds)

Behind the scenes Edit

In the original script for The Dark Dimension, the story introduced a new type of Cyberman, the "Cybercommander". It's skeletal design has been commonly associated with the project.

'The Cybermen were not like any we've ever seen before,' says Rigelsford. 'There was a specific Cyberman who was being made by the people at Henson's Creature Workshop. The guy who designed it was Chris Fitzgerald . It had holes in its knuckles and there was a point where it held up its hand, made a fist, and six-inch blades shot out of its knuckles! It was like Wolverine out of the X-Men comics; Cyberrine!'[1]{{{2}}}

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