Cyber-Commander was a Cyberman rank.

Zheng was the first one to exist. (AUDIO: Spare Parts, The Reaping)

The Cybermen of the Cyber-Mainframe used Cyber-Commanders. One Cyber-Commander assisted in Hive Section 49's attempted invasion of the Earth of N-Space, starting with the UNIT base Fortress Island. (AUDIO: Code Silver) It was destroyed, along with all the other invading Cybermen, by the War Master, when he used his temporary status as the "Cyber-Master" to connect the dimension gate to N-Space to infinite parallel Earths, including the Earths that the Cybermen failed to commence full dimension seeding on, poisoning their power supply. (AUDIO: Master of Worlds)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Although the Cyber-Commander of AUDIO: Code Silver and AUDIO: Master of Worlds is never referred to by name in said stories, its name is listed in the credits.
  • In the original script for The Dark Dimension, the story introduced a new type of Cyberman, the "Cybercommander". Its skeletal design has been commonly associated with the project.

    'The Cybermen were not like any we've ever seen before,' says Rigelsford. 'There was a specific Cyberman who was being made by the people at Henson's Creature Workshop. The guy who designed it was Chris Fitzgerald . It had holes in its knuckles and there was a point where it held up its hand, made a fist, and six-inch blades shot out of its knuckles! It was like Wolverine out of the X-Men comics; Cyberrine!'[1]{{{2}}}